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Member: pocketcalculator
Name: Chris Hendrie
From: Walthamstow, London E17, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 50 years old
Riding For: 33 years
Member Info: We are programmed just to do, anything you want us to... we are The Robots
1994 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jun 2007
Info: 1994 Honda CBR900RR FireBlade in Urban Tiger finish. Bike is fairly original with a few tasteful upgrades (hugger, screen etc). Intend returning the bike to as original a state of trim as possible. It''s for Sunday mornings - I still have my GSX1400 for touring, commuting and everything else
1999 Honda X11 (CB1100SF)

Photos: 11
Purchased: Jan 2008
Info: Didn''t want to use my Blackbird in town, so bought this as a commuter. Only ever ride it on my 10-mile urban commute, so mileage is very low (still under 10k, March 09). Only mods are addition of a hugger, the mount for my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS and a Givi Monorack. I absolutely love this bike and plan on keeping it for a very long time. I really like the fact that I''ve never seen another since I got
1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

Photos: 4
Purchased: Mar 2009
Info: Very rare limited edition racing colours from the factory. Zero mods, totally standard, very low mileage (14k).
1988 Honda CBR 1000 F

Photos: 0
2004 Honda CB1300

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2004
Sold: Oct 2004
Info: Bought this after my first GSX1400 got written off. Soon after, I took it through France and down to Barcelona for the GP at Catalunya, then around the Pyrenees. Then I decided I didn''t like it as much as the GSX1400, so chopped it in for my second GSX1400.
2002 Suzuki GSX 1400

Photos: 8
Purchased: Nov 2002
Sold: Aug 2003
Info: Bike was written off when a 94-year-old German bloke rammed me from behind while I was stationery at a set of traffic lights in Antibes, southern France. I loved that bike so much. Anyway, I bought a CB 1300 afterwards, against my better judgement.
2003 Suzuki GSX 1400

Photos: 3
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: Oct 2007
Info: My second GSX1400. Vowed never to be parted from it as I really did love it. Was looking forward to adding a stratospheric mileage over the years, but ended up writing it off in France in October 07.
2000 Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird

Photos: 3
Purchased: Sep 2007
Sold: Oct 2008
Info: Bought to replace my GSX1400. Loved it. Sold it to buy a new car and regretted it right away. Replaced with the Hayabusa, but I''ll probably buy another one some day.
1989 BMW K1

Photos: 9
Purchased: Mar 2009
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: Always fancied one of these and found this pristine example after a long search. Paid the vendor, got on and rode off. Within a mile I knew I hated it and sold it after a week.

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