poriol's 1979 Yamaha RD 400
Info: pic of the bike after complete dismantling and restauration in 2005
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Info: with my second son, very much admiring the bike !! Dad's bikes are always the best !!!
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Info: not the sexiest side of the bike (I think it's lacking a second disc-brake...) but hopefully there are 2 discs to stop you anyway !!
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Info: Rhaaaa Lovely !!! I fixed the ugly brake pedal shortly after shooting the pics. Consequences of a fall are still visible (the brake pedal was U shaped, thus taking off the chromium, and the turn signa...
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Purchased: Apr 1996
Sold: Jun 2007
Information: I bought the bike after first test, after coming back with a great smile on my face !! Of RD350 I knew some, but of this model I didn''t know anything. I think I hadn''t seen any prior to test-drive this one. Its acceleration, the noise and smell of the 2 stroke got me addicted. 40HP is not much in itself, but it is only a problem on straight roads, which I can easily avoid in my area (Annecy is in the French Alps). I got to ride with a friend of mine on a modern 600 who was very impressed by the old lady''s capacities. It cost me real big money after I bought it : first problem is left piston exploding...Great damage to the cylinder. Then the ignition rotor rotated on the crank, causing engine to grip. Last, the clutch BB decided it had done enough... This time I decided to fix it all once for all, si I dismantled the bike completely,powder-coated the frame, and made a BRAND NEW engine, so it is like I have a new bike.

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