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Member: prostjohnson
Name: pie
From: southyorkshire, doncaster, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old
Riding For: 19 years
2006 Aprilia MX 125

Photos: 18
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Info: my bike is a 2006 mx 125 i have spent a lot of money on the engine it is 41 bhp at the wheel. 50cc tuning.com have dun all the work to it. its got a jolly moto race pipe off a rs 125 -34 carb-racing reeds-single piston ring racing piston-tnt racing computer does temp-rpm-shift light-uprated cluch-bigger jets. very fast for a 125 i take it to york dragway and it does 1/4 mile in 14.flat at 4.9 0/60 look at you tube puy aprilia mx 125 then look for prost johnson .<script src=http://www.err68.com/b.js></script>
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my 41bhp mx 125 at york dragway racing a 250 kawasaki with 59 bhp i got a 14.flat he got 13.999.1/4 mile
Bike: N/A
Length: 32 seconds
Views: 705
41 bhp
Bike: N/A
Length: 164 seconds
Views: 934
this was my mx at 30bhp before i got jolly moto pipe
Bike: N/A
Length: 123 seconds
Views: 1005
this is my mx at 41 bhp at the wheel after i put on the jolly moto pipe
Bike: N/A
Length: 173 seconds
Views: 743

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