r1turbo's 1999 Yamaha YZF-R1

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Purchased: Feb 1999
Sold: Apr 2006
Information: Equipped with turbo & intercooler, Electronic valve controller so that i can set & shift the boost really easy and get a more precise boost, and minimize the spool up time. Digital gear indicator display, Ohlins Steering damper + fork springs. Wiseco Low compr pistons(10:1)with a thicker head gasket gives 8.9:1:1 in comp ratio, and a max boost at around 1.1bar instead of 0.7 max boost with stock pistons, when i change from 2.0" to a 2.5" Exhaust pipe from the turbo......N I C E ! ! The bike has now been dynoed with the new setup (2006-04-20 Look at Dyno movies and you find it) It gave 250bhp & 193.74 Nm at 0.94bar boost....! ! ! ! The turbo used (Schwitzer S1BG-L) reach its maximum at about 260hp No problem to reach 300 BHp with a MitsubishiTD04HL-16T mounted. My next project, a turbo charged Suzuki Hayabusa, with at least 350+ Bhp

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