Remigiusz RaY's Member Page
Member: ray69
Name: Remigiusz RaY
From: Lubuskie, Lubuskie, Poland
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Member Info: Bikes were always my biggest passion :)
2007 Suzuki DL 650

Photos: 16
Purchased: May 2009
1997 Aprilia RX 125

Photos: 9
Info: My second bike. The seat is really high and sometimes it has got not enough power. But it is really a great bike to learn , really light and easy to ride.
2002 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 4
Purchased: Nov 2007
Sold: Feb 2008
Info: Fifth bike and first bigger bike with engine form CBR 600. Yeaa this is what we can call BIKE. Really great machine. Good accelearation, but this is classic naked bike and it is really hard to ride it on the fast highway - there is a big problem with the wind after 100 km/h.
2003 Yamaha DT 50

Photos: 2
Info: My First Bike - I will remember it for all my life :) I was learing how to start, break, use shift and change gears. It is perfect to learn basic skills. No acceleration and v max 80 km/h can forgive many, many mistakes...
1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 800

Photos: 3
Info: Fourth bike. Well it was my dad''s bike but he havn''t got a time to ride it so I was riding it for few months. I don''t really like it, I dont know why but it is really hard to steer that bike. Nevermind, I had a few good excursion''s with my friend''s in the WINTER ! December and January - outdoor was 0 - 2 degrees. 30.12.2007 one day befor New Year Party...
1994 Kawasaki EL 250 Eliminator

Photos: 2
Info: Third bike. And my first "bigger" bike. Bought few days after I made driving license. Nice bike to learn. Not too fast and not to weak. Maybe to small but believe me that bike is really strong ! More than 50 thousand km and it rides perfect !
2004 Suzuki GSX-R 600

Photos: 2
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: May 2008
Info: Sixth- fulfillment of my dreams. I always want to have a sport bike. First time when I sight a sport bike I thought-sooner or later I will ride a bike like this one... I was waiting a lot of time and after I ride few bikes I decided to buy a sport one ! Amazing accelearation, great handling and killing vmax. After few weeks of riding - I starded to having a bad pain in my back, I sell the bike and
2004 Kawasaki Z 750

Photos: 8
Purchased: May 2008
Sold: Jul 2008
Info: bought something else than sport bike.... Good bike to ride - great in the city. Perfect turning - there is no problem to do quaver on the square where U passing A license test. Really easy to turn back - MUCH Easier to drive then CB600. But this is not the same as a sport one...
2001 Yamaha YZF-R6

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2008
Sold: Oct 2008
Info: Yeah my current bike. Perfect machine. Same pluses as GSXR K4 but the position is much better ! There is no problem with any pain in back or wrist. Well there is a problem with a place for a passenger ;) When we have a rucksack it is really hard to ride on a longer trip.
2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 19
Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: R&G Crash Protectors, R&G Swingarm Protectors, R&G Bar Ends, Stompgrip Traction Pads, Bendix Supersport Brake Pads, Harris Carbon Fibre Hugger, Akrapovic SP Series Slip-On Exhaust, Goodrich Stainless Steel Hoses.

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