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Member: rd400f
Name: JLL
From: Yama City, BC, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Riding For: 10 years
Member Info: Like to collect and restore the old Yamaha smokers! One of my favorite hobbies...
1975 Yamaha DT 400

Photos: 18
Purchased: Sep 2009
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: One of my favorite bikes of all time. I`m an idiot for selling the first, but a friend gave me a rolling frame (January 2011), which I aim to complete and restore.
1979 Yamaha RD 400

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 2010
Info: Looks great, runs like shit! Needs a top end.
1980 Yamaha RD 400

Photos: 8
Purchased: Nov 2010
Info: The little fucker makes 45RWHP and gives me a new headache to fix every week, or at least it used to. I like the little shit though...most reliable bike I''ve had so far.
1985 Yamaha RZ 350

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2011
Info: Got this for free from a previous employer, who bought it new in 1985 or so. 14,600KM on the odo. A wash and wax...and it looks pretty much new.
1975 Yamaha DT 175

Photos: 7
Purchased: Aug 2009
Info: Very neat bike...loved mine when I had it.
1975 Yamaha GT 80

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jun 2009
Info: Not mine, my brother`s. Fun little bike to goof around on.
1978 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2009
Info: First bike I ever bought.
1988 Suzuki GSX 600

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2009
Sold: Sep 2009
Info: Bought it on a whim since it was so cheap and in remarkable condition. Very comfortable, but it feels like you`re riding a tank.
1968 Yamaha 125 AS3

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 2009
Info: Not an AS3...It is an AS1. Too bad it`s in such poor shape; plan on restoring it.
1970 Yamaha HS-1

Photos: 28
Purchased: Oct 2009
1983 Kawasaki GPZ 305

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2009
Info: One of the best handling bikes I have ever ridden. Got it for a good price too!
1987 Suzuki GSX-R 400

Photos: 2
Info: Another one of my brothers bikes. Rode it a couple of
1979 Yamaha GT 80

Photos: 1
Info: MINT MINT MINT and with regi. The odo just rolled over 2000K when I had it. Sold it for next to nothing. This thing had nowhere near the power of the old ''75 with a worn out motor.
1978 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 2
1986 Honda VFR 750

Photos: 2
Info: Fucking awesome not hesitate to pick it up if you are potentially buying. Very fast, sounds cool, handles not too bad for a bike this size.
1971 Yamaha CT1 175

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 2010
Sold: Aug 2010
Info: Some idiot lady turned in front of me from the oncoming lane when I had the right of way, and I hit the rear of her piece of shit at 35MPH, ruining the bike. Thankfully I walked off with nothing more than a scratched knuckle and a fucked bike. A good friend of mine has it now and it still runs great. I loved this thing...better than the later years` DT175.
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