Rémy Aust's Member Page
Member: rebel99
Name: Rémy Aust
From: Nunspeet, Gelderland, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years old
Riding For: 22 years
Homepage: http://www.remyaust.nl
1998 Honda CR 500

Photos: 58
Purchased: Oct 2003
Info: This bike rocks and I will never sell it... not even when I´m old, teethless and incontinent ;-)
1997 Honda CR 125

Photos: 35
Purchased: Feb 2008
Info: Fresh bike! Bought it stock, except for the pipe. Now, it has a Vforce3, VHM cylinderhead, HGS exhaust system and a Harry Nolte tuned cylinder. A few carbon parts and some billet alu parts give the bike a nice finish. Wave discs and not too many decals make this bike all together a beauty!
2003 Honda CR 125

Photos: 13
Purchased: Nov 2002
Sold: Jul 2003
Info: Sold because of lack of power! But steered like hell and nice suspension (Reiger)
2000 MTH 630

Photos: 23
Purchased: Sep 2003
Sold: Oct 2004
Info: You guys probably never heard of the engine-make MTH..? It´s an austrian manufacturer. Former engineer of KTM, started manufacter his own engines after leaving KTM. The engine is a 630cc 2-stroke with a Bing 55 carburettor. I can tell ya... this is the ultimate Baja engine ! The chassis you see is manufactured by VMC Hocob. This VMC-MTH is a 2000-model. Sold it because riding a sidecar is ju
2000 Kawasaki KX 250

Photos: 15
Purchased: Jul 2002
Sold: Oct 2002
Info: Bought it as an obvious used moped :O, made it look like britney spears naked on a wet floor.. But the gearbox sucked. Very hard to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. Suspension wasn''t great as well. Didn´t want to spend more money, so I sold the bastard :-)
2000 Yamaha YZ 426F

Photos: 16
Purchased: Jan 2000
Sold: May 2002
Info: Bought this bike brand new. After 2 days riding it the clutchbasket broke in 2 pieces. Yamaha knew about the bad baskets and gave me a new one (after 2 months waiting!!!). After 1 year the gearbox died. And then after 6 months, same gear (4th) died again. Bad gearbox, but nice bike to ride. Nice powerband and handling. Never surprised me.. though it steered very nervous: suspension sucked. But
2003 KTM 250 SX

Photos: 13
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: May 2005
Info: A very very fast KTM with it´s Doma pipe, SXS muffler, Factory Triple clamps, VHM cilinderhead and ´fast´ flywheel. The only thing that sucked was its suspension.. and that´s the reason why I sold it !
1988 Honda CR 500

Photos: 14
Purchased: Jan 2003
Sold: Jul 2003
Info: My first sidecar; an EML-Honda 540 Bought it with a friend of mine.. just for fun! I was soooo curious what it was like, sidecarcross. I can tell ya, it rocks ;) Sold it because i wanted a new one (big mistake)
1991 Kawasaki KX 80

Photos: 4
Purchased: Feb 1992
Sold: Jul 1994
Info: My first dirtbike. The BEST 80cc´s ever made..
1993 Honda CR 125

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 1994
Sold: Aug 1995
Info: My first 125cc dirtbike. Also a very fast engine. Learned a lot on this machine
1994 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 7
Purchased: Mar 1995
Sold: Oct 1997
Info: My old suz :-D Never had any troubles with it.. always ran smoothly. Lots.. lots and lots of torque. I could start in 3rd gear if i wanted to...
1998 Honda CR 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Oct 1998
Sold: Jan 2000
Info: With this 125 I showed everybody my behind :P The last I owned before buying the YZ 426F (disaster) Also a very nice bike.. good suspension, good steering and nice engine with lots of torque for a Honda..
2000 Honda CR 500

Photos: 12
Purchased: Jul 2005
Sold: Oct 2012
Info: The 2nd CR500 I bought. Almost same looks as it''s 2 year older brother. Engine also tuned same way.
1995 Honda CR 500

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jan 2007
Sold: Feb 2010
Info: The 3rd CR500 I bought. Rebuilt this beauty last fall/winter. Stock ''95 look ! Sold it to a friend of mine
1996 Honda CR 125

Photos: 9
Purchased: Jun 1997
Sold: Jul 1998
Info: The fastest 125 I ever had. Way faster then my former 2003 CR125. This is not a ''96 but a ''97 model (bikepics doesn''t allow 2 of the same bikes in an account)
1978 Honda XR 75

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jul 1994
Info: We bought it as a poorly maintained bike, made it look mint.. Rode it a few years and now he´s kinda worn so... time for a rebuilt!
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