redordead's 1989 Honda CR 250
Info: 1984 HONDA CR50R . My next rebuild for this summer, I will be starting it as soon as the 89 cr250 is finished.
This will not be for sale but i will document the progress as it happens!
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Info: New All Balls steering stem kit for the rebuild:-)
NOS front master cylinder rebuild kit on its way from Arizona and also a new EK Xring chain on its way!
The spending got out of hand several months...
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Info: Bout time too!
My replacement swingarm from California arrived at last!
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Info: Very nice condition for an 89 and it even came ready polished just needed a quick buff to bring it back again:-)))
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Info: My old 89 CR250 swingarm on the left and the replacement from Cali on the right!
See next photos for the reason why i replaced it!
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Info: 1989 CR250 swingarm 7 inch hairline crack on the factory weld on the upper left side of the linkage hump:-(
The crack is very na...
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Info: It was a bit of a disaster finding this crack on the swingarm but a blessing in disguise for who ever buys the bike!
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Info: My new drive chain arrived!
NOS Honda 49 tooth rear sprocket on its way from the states!
Now to find the nos front sprocket but it should be easy enough to find compared to a lot of the parts i've h...
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Info: YAAAYYYYYYYY box of bits n pieces from
Victor Devine Honda in Glasgow.
Many thanks Don at the parts desk!
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Info: 22 different small parts for the rebuild all from Devines Honda in Glasgow:-)))))
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Info: Rear brake lever clevis stay pin 1989 CR250RK.
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Info: New NOS CR250RK rear brake lever oil seals to go with the NOS rear brake lever on page 3 of the pics
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Info: Tiny little CR250RK kick start lever internal spring!
This could be a wee bit footery if you know what i mean:-)
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Info: CR250RK kick start lever insert ring!
No point rebuilding everything else and not rebuild the kick lever!
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Info: New NOS swingarm caps for the new swingarm:-))))
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Info: 2X New NOS rear brake hose guides for the swingarm.
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Info: One of the new lower engine mount bolts.
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Info: The other new lower engine mount bolt.
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Info: One of three new top engine mount bolts for the 89 cr250 rebuild.
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Info: A little strip of radiator + exhaust stay clips for the CR250RK.
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Info: New NOS front lower exhaust stay bracket for the Pro Circuit Platinum going on.
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Info: Kick start lever ball bearing for the 89 CR250RK.
It has to be the smallest least expensive part i've bought but just as important as every other part i've bought!
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Info: New CR250RK rear brake lever spring
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Photos: 350
Purchased: Jun 2011
Sold: n/a
Information: My 2 year project to make a practically brand new bike from an old rider! Over 6000 now spent creating this and now in the final stretch I can''t wait to finish her off :-))))) DONE DUSTED AND NOW SOLD!!!! All the very best to her new owner who might be racing her this season in the Dave Thorpe evo series in England;-))))

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