redos's 1991 Yamaha TZR 80 RR

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Purchased: Mar 1997
Sold: Feb 2000
Information: This was my first bike.. before it, i disliked bikes, i always says... a car is better than thousand motorbikes... The first time i saw it.. i though.. wooh. really ugly bike... but.. the first time that i drove it i feel different... i feel more complete that i was... and with her (mi little girl) i discover what means acceleration, what mean bents, what means feel the road... an then... I discover myself on 17 of february of 2000 one motherīs fxxx stolen me the bike in Valencia (Spain)... I canīt express the feeling of this day.. the world fall down over me... since this day i feel incomplete, seen the bents when i was on my car like something is left.. something is incomplete.... feeling that i felt till i purchase my next bikes.. 4 years after...

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