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Member: redrazor23
Name: Red Razor the 23rd
From: West Texas, Lubbock, TX, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 19 years
Member Info: Slowly have become a Kawasaki rider. I guess it''s because that''s what my father had when I was growing up... Interested in meeting up with other Lubbock classic riders. NOT interested in anything else.
1988 Kawasaki EN 450

Photos: 9
Purchased: Feb 2004
Info: Purchased in Abilene, Texas February 2004. Had less than 10,900 miles on a nice frame. The bike was used as a learner and beat up a bit by its previous owner (I was the 4th from my understanding). Owner #2 made some nice customizations to the bike which I tried to accent, specifically with the yellow accents. I replaced all that had been made nasty by owner #3, as all the damage is strictly cosmet
1975 Kawasaki F9 350

Photos: 9
Purchased: Apr 2002
Sold: Apr 2004
Info: 1975 F9 350 Bighorn. Purchased on Father''s Day weekend in Phoenix AZ. The bike was not running and in incredibly poor shape but with 556.6 original miles. After rebuilding the carbs, purchasing a new CDI and tank (along with several odds and ends) the bike was restored to its present condition. I was also able to locate an original accessory, a fork brace. I collected the microfiche, owners manual
1994 Kawasaki GPX 250 / Ninja 250

Photos: 2
Purchased: Nov 2003
Sold: Jan 2004
Info: Purchased and and found it to have bad rings and have been abused quite badly. I decided not to spend the time and money in getting too involved. Plus this particular machine was not really my MO, not old, not cruiser... Was sold to the daughter of a mechanic who was willing to spend the time to split the halves and give it new rings.
1982 Kawasaki KZ 750

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2001
Sold: Nov 2003
Info: Please note, this is is an 1982 Kawasaki KZ750M-1 CSR, the final year the largest Kawasaki parallel twin was produced. A one year production motorcycle with tons of character. This particular beautiful, rare machine was totaled by a 15 year old girl, joyriding with her 3 friends late at night, in a stolen car. 7800 original miles... This is the reason my wife says sheŽll never ride again.
1978 Honda CB 400

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jan 1998
Sold: Nov 2000
Info: My first motorcycle. Manuvactured in 8/77 great learning tool for riding and mechanics. Sold on Ebay to a nice gent in Abilene. Had collected the original owners manual, microfiche, first print clymers manual for the 78 Hawk 400 and a huge manufacturers poster of extreme rarity! Also had added the original accessories of a tall back sissybar and pad with luggage rack, and engine guard with highway
1981 Kawasaki KZ 1000

Photos: 12
Purchased: Sep 2008
Sold: Oct 2011
Info: This is a 1981 Kawasaki KZ1000M-1 CSR manufactured in 11/80. This is my second CSR model motorcycle to own. Purchased from Clovis, NM over Labor Day Holiday with 12,040 miles. The bike isn''t in a complete original state (the tank and side covers have been altered), but over all in good condition. Listen to this bike here:
2005 Daytona 47cc Pocket Bike

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jan 2005
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: Sold to me as an Alienmotors 47cc Chinese pocketbike. Only raced once or twice, as it proved pretty difficult to fold up an already small guy. And after the second major fall... and a pair of Alpinestars GP Boots ruined... Yeah I was done. But fun!
1979 Yamaha YZ 250F

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jan 2000
Sold: Apr 2000
Info: Inside left cover stated this model as YZ250F Competition. Purchased in the summer of 99 in non-running condition. The bike needed several new parts to get running again, plus a full overhaul of the carb. After a brief rebuild session the bike was ready to go. A little too much power for a first dirtbike. First... and last wheelie performed on this machine. Although this bike flew down the dirt tr
1973 Honda CL 125

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 2009
Sold: May 2009
Info: This is a machine that is a current basket case at my father-in-law''s shop. It was purchased for $50 and sold for a little more.
1981 Honda CB 650

Photos: 2
Purchased: Apr 2000
Sold: Jul 2000
Info: My friend Derrick''s first motorcycle. Purchased and unbeknownst to us, suffered from a transmission fork failure. He sold to friend who wanted to use as learner mechanic machine.
1986 Kawasaki EN 450

Photos: 9
Purchased: Apr 2004
Sold: Jun 2004
Info: My brother-in-law''s first bike. Originally I purchased it for the purpose of parts mining and an eveuentual rebuild. Was sold to my brother in law before a month after I purchased it. He sold it only a month later... Now he misses it!
1974 Kawasaki G5 100

Photos: 3
Info: This was my father''s first motorcycle. This is NOT I repeat NOT a G5 100, rather a G3SSD 90cc model. My first motorcycle memories were made here... Turning imaginary canyons...
1980 Suzuki GS 1000

Photos: 0
Info: My friends first bike. Purchased in Phoenix, AZ and hauled back to Lubbock. Half way back, had to stop off and ride it home, had issues with my pickup. Rode it in from the canyons of Ruidoso to Lubbock... Not bad for a Suzi...
1984 Kawasaki LTD 700

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2009
Info: Actual model is a 1984 Kawasaki ZN700-A1 LTD Shaft. Purchased in Lubbock, TX. March 2009. Color is Luminous Crimson Red with abour 20,000 miles.
2000 Honda XR 80

Photos: 0
Info: This machine is a basket case currently residing at my father-in-law''s shop. I will begin working on it as the garage comes more available.
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