rehcnumssa's 1977 Yamaha SR 500

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Purchased: Mar 1993
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Information: 1977 SR500 w/ 540 piston kit- bigger valves, high lift cam, ported head (by Denny Berg), 1992 suzuki GS500 wheels and front end, rearsets with one off custom pegs... straight header (heh heh ;) battery eliminator, vorex clip-ons, stripped to the bone- workingon a new tank.... ill post when its closer.... 4/19/06- New (kinda) tank! 70s BMW tank bought for $10 from metal scrapyard. almost finished with the fitting process... rode it with the stock tank... jetting issues aside hit around 105... gearing might take it up a bit and i think the motor will pull it- but i enjoy the low end punch so I think Ill probably leave it... besides... do i really need to do a ton-plus on an SR500? isnt that what a GSXR is for... lol... more at:

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