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Member: reno
Name: Renaud dAthis
From: Cunit, Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain
Gender: Male
Age: 43 years old
Riding For: 30 years
1990 Kawasaki ZX-7

Photos: 6
Purchased: May 2000
Info: This is my second ZXR, the first one was a H1 of 1989 that has passed 100kkm and that my young brother currently own (see my other bikes...). I purchased this 1990 H2 in Spain, without engine. Originally, this was a French 100HP version, but the engine is now a Spanish "full power" unit. I scratched the bike a few days after it was finished, wearing the original red/black/silver cowlin
1980 Kawasaki Z 650

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 1994
Info: When I bought this bike, it was painted in this pepermint green, but it had more than 100.000km and the engine was quite weak. This is the F1 version of 1980-82, originally fitting alloy wheels with a single front disc brake and rear drum and was still wearing the nice instrument cluster of the ealrier version B and C (it was replaced on the F2 and later versions F3 and 4). The engine also was the
1985 Kawasaki GPZ 900

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jul 2000
1986 Kawasaki KZ 1300

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 2005
Info: I finally got it!
1976 Honda CB 400

Photos: 0
Purchased: Dec 1992
Sold: Apr 1994
Info: This is a 1976 F1 version of the smal four, and my last non-kawasaki bike so far. I bought it completelly scratched because I had plenty of time to rebuild it, since I also scratched my first big bike a year before (a KZ-1000-R) and needed time to fix my bones. It was mostly original at first, the photo with my little cousin sitting on it was the day the bike was finished. Only mods were the s
1989 Kawasaki ZXR 750

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 1998
Sold: Jun 2000
Info: This is the first ZXR of Kawasaki, using the GPX 750 engine with a re-designed cylinder head. When I was 17, I see this bike for first time in the street and ever wanted to own one since then... Dream was made reality with my first "real" job, after doing the army and finishing studies, in 1998. There was a lot of better bikes, but I had to realize this old dream, and when my GPZ-1000
2001 Kawasaki ZRX 1200S

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 2003
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: The best one
1984 Kawasaki KZ 1300

Photos: 2
Info: There was no photos of this bike, so here it is. A friend of me own 3 of them... The engine sounds apocalyptic since a 6in1 was installed (a Devil comp. slip-on fitted to the stock 6in2 headers).

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