reno's 1980 Kawasaki Z 650

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Purchased: Apr 1994
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Information: When I bought this bike, it was painted in this pepermint green, but it had more than 100.000km and the engine was quite weak. This is the F1 version of 1980-82, originally fitting alloy wheels with a single front disc brake and rear drum and was still wearing the nice instrument cluster of the ealrier version B and C (it was replaced on the F2 and later versions F3 and 4). The engine also was the same than B version, with points ignition, kick starter, rounded valve cover and aluminium finish of the engine block. A year later I purchased a wide stock of parts and beggan to experience with motorbike mechanic: Not less than 7 different engines were mounted, plus a 750 L3 a friend of me "rented" me. On the photos in green color, the bike is essencially the same than when I bought it, with the 2 "Brembo" iron front rotors, the 750 Zephir shock-absorbers and the "Marving" exhaust, but I already added the high handle-bar and the rear disc brake of the F3 version. The "Marving" exhaust was specially designed to fit the stock bike when it was used in France for the "Kawasaki / Moto-revue" cup. A few years later, I rebuilted the bike completelly and painted the frame in metalic green and the body in black. The engine also was partially rebuilt, and the exhaust on the photos is a custon-built headers (the design was copied from "Martin", but the friend of a friend who did it died some years ago with its ZXR 750) with a "Devil" silencer. A few more chromes were added, others parts polished, and it has now the thread wheels of the C2 version of 79. It also has a z900 fork (with calipers mounted in front) and a special swing-arm, built by "Martin" (famous in the 70-80s for its tubular chassis for KZ, GSX, CB900 and even the 6 cylinder CBX). This swing arm is made of square tube, and with Michelin Macadam 50 tires the riding difference is tremendeous, I could even say unbelievable for being this bike! From all the Z650 I have tried (about 20 of them), this is the best ever in braking and handling. I rebuilded the wiring harness in summer 2003, also installing an electronic ignition, stainless steel brake lines, a steering damper mounted transversally and a 4/2/1 stainless Devil exhaust, while I am still working on the installation of a "Supertrapp" Silencer. This is a "never-finished" bike, who has weared an amasing number of exhaust systems (Marving, Sebring, Martin, Devil...)

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