resh22's 1998 Suzuki GSX-R 750
Info: this is me doing my corny pose before the big wheelie-off between myself and my buddy on a 1997 gsx-r 600 (also posted in the members arena). for anyone who can't guess why i would put the word "...
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Info: though this stoppie is faily weak, you have to remember that i just got this bike and had been riding it no more that two weeks when i did this photo shoot. not only that, but the front suspension is ...
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Info: bad lighting, decent wheelie.
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Info: ain't nuthin' mo' better 
than one wheel
and some leather

that is my hiku for the day
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Info: a good pic to show the length of this straight. right where the camera is sitting is roughly half way down the straight. by the end of it, you are well into third and doing about 105-115.
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Info: now this pic should be used in a promo piece somewhere. nothing better than a solar lens flare in a beautiful sky and the undebelly of a 750 coming by at 90+ miles an hour.
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Info: this was one of the first wheelies of the day. though you can't really tell from this particular photo, this straight i am on is about a third of a mile long. as the photograper was stationary somewhe...
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