rg24's 1996 Suzuki Savage

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Purchased: Aug 2002
Sold: n/a
Information: I´ve been working on my Savage ever since I laid it down two weeks after I bought it. Yeah, it sucked to lay it down, but I haven´t been able to keep my hands off since. The red one is my bike before I laid it down. Since then I´ve repainted, replaced the handlebars, replaced the exhaust (I´ve got an even newer one, a shorty pipe, I love it; I´ll post a pic as soon as I take it), removed sissy bar, removed turn signals, removed airbox, soon to be replaced by a K&N filter, aftermarket headlight and mirror (both of which were broken in my crash), and custom seat (I used mostly stock cushioning and seat pans, and got it covered for just $50). I´ve done absolutely everything on the bike myself (except for covering the seat which I tried to do myself, it didn´t turn out so good). I think I´ve turned myself into a bike junky for the rest of my life.

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