rgv250racer's 1989 Suzuki RGV 250
Info: my RGV in need of the top fairing to finish off the look. Which i will be obtaining soon.  If anyone has one going, feel free to email me.
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Info: okay mabey i should of given it a bit of a clean, but hey it looks alright anyhow. :>
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Info: it looks a bit off with the all white top half, which will be changed soon.
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Info: and yes it does look shit from the front, and that is a gsxr mirror, i put that on as it gives a wider field of view than the originals which are stored away.
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Info: on board the RGV, nice and neat
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Info: on the stand, glows nice and bright in the dark :>
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Info: my lil RGV250 with me old mans, CBR 1000
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Info: RGV 250 looking oit over the river dee
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Info: RGV 250
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