Dan Lee Clare's Member Page
Member: rideumofo
Name: Dan Lee Clare
From: You need to ride more!!, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 32 years old
Riding For: 16 years
Member Info: Im a big fan of anything with a motor and wheels, ..........................like hoovers for example.
1992 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 10
Info: This is my 2nd er 4th dtr I brought this dtr after a muppet killed my first one. this bike was the same as my first DT alot of fun untill these low life, burberry wearing, catalog credit buying, theiving, smack head swills stole it out of my freinds back garden. You may know these as Pikeys, towneys and in Plymouth we call them swills from swilly!! anyhow I got the bike back (as a write off) so no
2002 Honda NSR 125

Photos: 5
Info: Please dont think I am a muppet for owning this bike I only brought it because it was a deal of the century (A £50 deal ) I aint lyin long, story but its totally legit. Deal of the century, not quite it put me in intensive care, broke my back and fractured my scull and ended up in hospital for 4 weeks. I should stick to off - roading less cars about there, they are complete bastards! especially ch
1978 Yamaha SR 250

Photos: 0
Info: I brought this bike with my dad when I was 16 out in Canada this bike pretty much taught me the fundementals of riding. Being 16 and from England it was quite an experiance being able to ride it up into the rocky mountains. When my friends back in England were taking it in turns to ride a RD50 ilegally in an navy estate.
1999 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 0
Info: This was my 3rd Dtr it had the full works fully deristricted, large rear sprocket, fresco full pipe and avon gripster tyres. Oh and guess what it was a f**kin bag of W**k, yeah ok it went 10 mph faster top end then previous DTR´s but it had no torque, no bottom end, AND those stupid F**kin tyres why on earth would anyone want to stick road tyres on a off road bike. Hey! I have an idea Im gonn
1991 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 0
Info: This was my first dt it was totally standard with a dep pipe it had loads of bottom end power which is great for me as I like large steep hills, wheelies and munching scooters for breakfast at traffic lights. Unfortunatly this bike´s last ride was on the 6th of june 2000 when a muppet in a gold nissan praire pulled out in front of me on a main road when I was goin 60 mph crash!! bang!! wallop
1989 Suzuki GP 100

Photos: 0
Info: This bike was a joke I only brought it because I needed a bike to get to work. I blew the gearbox then a couple of weeks later I blew the piston when I was raking the shit out of it at 5 o“clock in the morning doing a land speed record for the bike of 75 mph on the way to work. all fun and games

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