rkfish's 1978 Yamaha YZ 125
Info: My 78 YZ 125e as raced in VDR events winter of 2006
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Info: 2nd race Oct 06 w/restored 125
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Info: December 2006 VDR race practice...40*F, base of Mt. Saint Helens.
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Info: Dec. 06 converting 78 into a 1979 YZ 125f....better chain tensioner, air box, rebuildable shock, more rear travel, steeper steering angle (quicker turning), different gas tank, and side plastic.
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Info: Pro taper fat bars and Spider grips
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Info: 78 YZ 125e, nos cylinder, side cover, chain guard, as rebuilt before test ride
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Info: as restored, nos chain guide and parts, sprocket, pivot pin, axle, swing arm bolt...she's a dirt virgin!
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Photos: 7
Purchased: Apr 2005
Sold: n/a
Information: Purchased off Craigslist, as rolling hulk! $$$ later, and lots of ebay searching, trips to Yamaha, and Voila! Nos cylinder, ceramic coated combustion chamber, piston top, exhaust port, thermal barrier on head and pipe. Michelin M12, Dunlap, new Nos plastic fenders, seat cover, cables, Pro taper bars, fat pegs, double leading shoe front brake, 83 YZ forks, nos electronics, 85 throttle, nos chain guide, double needle bearing swingarm, etc.....

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