rmx89's 1989 Suzuki RMX 250

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Purchased: Sep 2008
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Information: On my bike ive got Pro taper Aluminum Bars, Mikumi Carb, FMF Pipe but with a dent in the middle of it, i do plan to replace both the pipe and muffeler soon. Ive got one Excel Rim on the front, as they are not cheap and iam not rich. my muffeler looks like it was jury rigged, i did not put that on there it came with the bike. I plan to upgrade the breaks, chain and sprockets as soon as my money lets me do so. This bike is a blast to ride, its not very stable at high speeds but you manage it in youre own way. Its great for climbing hills, does most of them with little effort. The suspension in the front is great, not overly stiff but the rear spring was set up for a lighter rider, i weigh 210 so it sags a little when i get on it. But right now with the carb the way it is when you crack it wide open to get that snap i love, it bogs for a second then takes off like a shot, its taken me a bit to get used to that.

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