Rob Lloyd's Member Page
Member: roblloyd
Name: Rob Lloyd
From: Whitmore Lake, Michigan, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 46 years old
Riding For: 22 years
Member Info: Im a Powertrain Engineer in Detroit. Working for a non-Big 3 OEM. Which gets me sent to Japan on occasion. I try to get some unique parts for my bikes each time I go. Just a few of the bikes I from my past and present...
1975 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2003
Info: 1975 Goldwing roadster. I bought this bike Summer 2003. I sold the touring stuff off to buy spare bodywork for custom paint. Sold it October 2004 - too many bikes to move to the new house :(
1976 Honda CB 550

Photos: 6
Purchased: Sep 1996
Sold: Sep 2003
Info: This is my 1977 CB550F. This bike started out as a swap meet special. I bought it for $65 at the Walnecks Swap meet in Woodstock, IL., September of 1996. 3 years later, this is what I had.
1975 Honda CB 550

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2001
Info: Summer 2001, I bought 2 76 CB550s for $600. One was nearly complete, needed only body work and a good set of carbs to run (see its page). But the 2nd bike, that was a different story. Essentially it was only a parts bike and literally in baskets (milk crates to be exact). But, it was almost all there, including the engine. So I decided to make it my winter project for 2003. This bike will not g
1977 Honda CB 550

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jul 2001
Sold: May 2003
Info: This was a bike I rebuilt over the winter of 2002. It was a real nice bike, too bad I had to sell it...
1969 Honda CB 750

Photos: 3
Purchased: May 2004
Info: Picked up this rough K0 CB750 for cheap. Im just parting it out. Its too far gone to restore (econimically) and I need the money for other projetcs (see my other bikes here...).
1972 Honda CB 500

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2004
Info: Got this bike for free. No title, but that can be dealt with. The sidecovers were missing and the tank was in sore shape so I replaced the bodywork with the parts shown in the pics. Also, I had a set of 4 original CB500 pipes, but 2 of the mwere toast. I managed to find another set for $40. But, 2 of those were toast also. Fortunately, the 2 good pipes from my original set combined with the 2 good
1971 Honda CB 350

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jul 2003
Info: A neighbor gave me 2 CB350s that were sitting in his shed for the past few years. One was close to running, the other strictly a parts bike. I gave the runner to my brother-in-law to fix up and ride. This is the parts bike. Im going to rebuild it as a mini-cafe racer. Thats a CB550 front end on it (I had a spare...). Ive had the cylinders bored (1 cylinder was rusted up solid). I still

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