Ronan Murphy's Member Page
Member: ronan68
Name: Ronan Murphy
From: Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland
Gender: Male
Age: 47 years old
Riding For: 31 years
1989 Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2007
Info: Ok Hayley my Harley how I doth love thee, The rasp of your screaming eagle pipes. Heads always turn as we roar down the street ! Cruising together....just you and I..............................Ok she is the smallest of the Harley bikes and she is not even in great condition. But she is fun to ride and will hit 100 mph.....
1994 Suzuki RF 900

Photos: 2
Purchased: Feb 2008
Info: Yep my newest arrival...Just bought her and already hooked. The RF - not a popular bike in Ireland for some reason so can be picked up handy enough, but once you ride one your addicated. Will take corners on her own & can stand her own against an R1. Had a RF600R which I sold to Cap. Bob. Loved it but kept getting leg cramps from very high peg position. The RF900 has enough extra leg room to save
1992 Suzuki GSX 750F

Photos: 2
Info: Great bike.....bullet proof. Me and Captain Bob have shared her between us for many years and she keeps on going.
2005 BMW R 1200 GS

Photos: 5
Info: Recent addition to my collection......well collection has now gotten smaller cos I got rid of GSX, Goldwing, RF 900 and a BMW f650 (1994) I recently picked up. Getting rid of the other bikes was part of the contract I had to make with my other half fore I could get the GS. Lovely bike though. I wanted one for a long time.
1990 Honda CB-1 400

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2001
Info: Smaller engine capacity then a lot of bikes Ive driven in the past, but I loved it. Four cylinder Jap import with great acceleration and a fab city bike because of its maneuverability
1982 Yamaha XJ 650

Photos: 1
Info: Not a bad bike I have to say...Did a lot of travelling on it. Electrics started giving trouble and thats about all really.
1989 Yamaha RXS 100

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 1989
Info: My third bike during my time riding little ones, and I did more driving on this one then any other bike I had. Must have travelled the length of the country (complete with panniers, tankbag etc) and I loved every minute of it. I have to say the bike served me well and never gave me a days trouble. Kept it for about 18 months and then upgraded to an Rd 350 LC (bad move as that one nearly killed me
1982 Yamaha RD 350

Photos: 0
Info: Went from an RXS 100 to an RD 350 LC (not the best idea for a young biker) and found out why they are nicknamed "Black Coffins". What a fu!!!!! whippet of a bike - way too powerful for a light bike. Fortunately it was stolen and damaged beyond repair by joyriders, probaly saved my life (thankyou joyriders!!!!).
1988 Suzuki GSX-R 250

Photos: 1
Info: Jap import - 4 cylinder 250 with top rpm of 16 ( I think). Great bike for its engine size, in good conditions (e.g. wind behind & downward slope) would hit 115 mph. Sold it after a year to upgrade to GS 500 and regretted it ever since.
1982 Honda CB 900

Photos: 0
Info: Big tank of a bike, fast and solid - unfortunately this particular one was as tempermental as a hormonal woman on acid. The guy who sold it to me really saw me coming. Engine seized one day as I was coming home from work (while passing a line of cars on a busy road doing bout 70 mph +). That actually was a very close one. Swapped it for a computer with a buddy (who is also a member of this site -
1982 Honda FSC 600 (Silverwing)

Photos: 0
Info: Got it off a buddy chopped. Looked quite nice but found the shaft drive a bit weird. Did my first bit of DIY mechanical work on this bike (headgasket) cos I was so sick of being fleeced by bike shops, and it actually worked. Remember the day me and my buddy (Captain Bob) went to start it after doing the head gasket, he went as far away from me as he could in case the bike blew up (oh he of little
1980 BMW R 65

Photos: 0
Info: Old style BMW touring (with panniers, shaft drive, and that awful engine that sticks out the side). Never became attached to it, found it a dog to drive and a cow to corner. Eventually parked it up in the garage and used it as a love couch (well...when the folks were at home I had to bring my girl somewhere - and whats more romantic then a BMW bike). Those are about the best memories I have of tha
1990 Honda Steed 600

Photos: 1
Purchased: Feb 2004
Info: Great sound, Lovely ride, just an absolute pleasure drive. Sold it to my brother-in-law and poor steed is in complete shite state now
1983 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 2
Purchased: Nov 2007
Info: Got it at a good price from lad who brought it in from UK after getting it on Ebay....Put about 1000 Euro in to her to get her running right....and by God she is running sweet as anything now...Can''t fault it...bulletproof and soooooo comfortable are the words to describe it....Taking it to Europe on 3rd April next actually...Me and Captain Bob are heading to UK. France and Spain touring and whori
1996 Suzuki RF 600

Photos: 2
Info: The RF600....fab bike, great for cornering...only problem I had with it was foot position too high for me & I kept getting leg cramps

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