ronbuell's 1983 Yamaha IT 250
Info: 83 Yamaha IT 250 frame with successful graft of 80 TT250 motor.  That was in Jan. of 07.  It's now August of '07 and almost  1,000 documented miles of strictly off road riding later.  Yes its terribly...
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Info: Project took about 3 weeks working weekends and some evenings.  Frame mods included front down tube bending, removal of cradle for the stressed frame-engine, fabrication of a new exhaust pipe and muff...
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Info: Brake pedal and foot peg are stock IT 250.  Motor fit without mods to either.  Note that the motor has a slight forward tilt.  I have to lift up the front end to get all the oil to drain out... this i...
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Info: Fabricated exhaust pipe is routed up same location as stock IT250 pipe.  You can see the connector pipe for the carb.  The pipe is now painted black and blends in well.
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Information: ''83 Yamaha IT250 frame grafted with an ''80 Yamaha TT250 motor. First woods test of combo 1-27-07. Works great. I''ve ridden the tires off this thing since I created it last winter. See each photo for other comments. Always a lot of comments when I get back to the trailhead. People who have ridden it say it reminds them of another 4-stroker they have ridden. It is not quick as it doesn''t have the throttle response of the YZF bikes, so I don''t get into trouble with that, but it will get up some speed and keep up with the crowd. I''ll upgrade to something newer at some point, but when I need something reliable, I take this one.

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