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Member: rt1rider
Name: Dave
From: Gravette, Gravette, Arkansas, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 49 years old
Riding For: 40 years
Member Info: i like to fix up old bikes,Bible study and computers and cars are my other interests
1968 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 42
Info: this bike is a DT1.it is undergoing a resto.much work to do here.will be updated with new pictures as bike as it is being restored.this one is sitting in the White Bros museum in California.it is all original with 45 actual miles on it.i am hoping to make mine as close as possible to this unmolested original example.
1975 Yamaha DT 400

Photos: 14
Info: this bike got me disabled.the front wheel locked up and it tossed me 15+ feet.once i got out of the hospital i replaced the front wheel bearings.if your bike has bad wheel bearings,DO NOT RIDE IT!!i would not wish what happened to me to even to my worst enemies,anyone for that matter.the bike has a hooker expansion chamber,boysen reeds,K&N air filter.the bike is a fun bike.
1974 Honda MT 250

Photos: 2
Info: this is a rock solid bike,some parts will interchange with 73-74 CR250M''s i ride this one quite a bit,it is very dependable.it is bored .040 over and has a Barnett clutch.it pulls down some decent mpg as well.
1974 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 2
Info: this bike is really my dad''s bike,he brought it home in 1979.it has served it''s purpose well.it currently has a 74 DT360A engine in it,the original engine,pipe,carb is in good condition and is in storage,the 360 engine can use a top end job,that is forth coming,to do the swap i used the original DT360A carb and the pipe and silencer is off of my DT400.i don''t know if the it is the pipe or the engi
1975 Honda CR 250

Photos: 5
Info: this is my 75 CR250M1,i bought this bike in around 96 or 97 from McBrann''s cycle shed.a customer brought it in a a make run.the bike was in horrid shape,side cover missing,broken piston,rusted up crank,badly worn countershaft shaft,the teeth were ate off of the shaft,seat cover was gone,the engine cases on the rh side had moss growing on it,at least i know what side faced north in the field where
1970 Yamaha DT 360

Photos: 9
Info: this is really a 1970 RT1M,it is a resto mod in progress.is has the wide ratio gear set from a RT1 Enduro.it is basically a RT1MX just the 1970 version,the 71 model had a different steering dampner and the forks on the 70 model had steel lower legs on the forks,it has the front end off of a 74 MX360.the engine is bored .060 over and has a nos wiseco piston.the bike was found in a junkyard and brou
1979 Honda CR 250

Photos: 4
Info: i bought this bike for 25 dollars,the good,it has fox air shocks,the bad,about everything else.i have a pfr silencer and the engine is rebuilt.it has a steel sleeve in the cylinder and has new bearing,gaskets and seals.it too is another work in progress.
1970 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 6
1979 Kawasaki KZ 440

Photos: 2
Info: this is a KZ400 LTD.the 440 did not come out until 1980.i picked what i could find that is close out of what can be selected.they need to put more into the selections in what model of bike there is in that.
1978 Yamaha DT 175

Photos: 2
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this has a transmission that i fitted the 5th gear set from a MT250 in it.it has some serious top end.
Bike: 1975 Honda CR 250
Length: 115 seconds
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