samsex's 1988 Yamaha FZ 600

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Info: This is my FZ600 as it is now after restoration. The mudguard is the wrong colour, but I will be getting that sorted soon.
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Info: Finished project!
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Info: This is my 'almost complete' restoration. I need to fit the white mudguard, and change the mirrors for some originals. great bike! i love it!
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Info: This photo was taken while the bike was being test ridden for an article in the Practical Sportsbike Magazine, December 2012
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Photos: 12
Purchased: Dec 2003
Sold: n/a
Information: Bought this bike off a chap in Birmingham, bought it blind as I wanted another one of these (i Have had 3!) I love ''em to bits. Small, reasonably quick (135mph) and handle very well. Unfortunately, after getting back to Southampton from Birmingham, discovered it handled like a bag of shit and the clutch was stiff as hell. I have stripped the bike, found there was no damping unit in one of the forks and the rear suspension was completely seized up. I have spent a lot of cash, and time putting it all right, I have loads of pictures of the re-build, every bearing, collar and oil seal has been replaced, I have rebuilt the calipers, had panels repainted, wheels and subframe painted, new screen, seats chain and sprockets, etc etc. Missus thinks I am mad, spent more than 2k on bike and rebuild so far. Bike only worth half that, but thats not why I am doing it. I am keeping this one forever. Gonna get another one to streetfighter maybe next year, will probably sell my other bike (98 R1) next spring as I cant have 3 bikes! I will be putting the final pictures on soon, it will be 100% standard as it came out of factory (although not totally mint, that is my long term goal, a bit each year) The main pictures you see here is as she is now. Almost done! Taken a bit too long to do though..... She is now complete and on the road! Insured, taxed and MOT''d...... 6 long years..........

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