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Member: scarer
Name: scarer
From: W12, London, United Kingdom
Member Info: Got a bike for my 18th birthday from my parents and have been riding on and off for 17 years. I look after my vehicles and like them spotless but sometimes it just not cost effective. Just bought a cheap Hornet as a project that I intend to service and repair to the best of my abilities. I also will be touring for the first time this summer 2006 and will be riding off road in April 2006 for some skills practice.
2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2005
Info: Bought as a weekend fun bike but just too big physically for me and feels top heavy. Very fast though and my first bike with a race can fitted. sounds lovely but a pain to get mot´d! Currently for sale as I bought the 2005 hornet to replace as it does both jobs of commuter and FUN!
1998 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 8
Purchased: Mar 2006
Info: Intended as a project bike but in better condition than I had hoped. Bought with polished swingarm and pillion grab rail, Wolf oval SS legal can, gold bars, red bar ends, gold powder coated wheels, red brake lines with gold fittings, but it needs a bit of tidying up. Im going to replace the cheap looking bars with renthals, fit polished alluminium crash protectors, polished rad grille, carbon hug
2005 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 3
Purchased: Mar 2006
Info: Just pxd the Fazer in against it, needed something with a bit more excitement, the Fazer was comfy but dull! The Hornet comes to me totally standard and im just going to put a fly screen, Crash mushrooms and bar ends from Motrax DHMs, hugger and fendaextenda on it for now as its going to be my workhorse commuter although I am thinking of steel brake pipes, carbon side panels and maybe powder
1994 Honda VFR 400

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jan 2003
Sold: Jan 2006
Info: Brilliant fun, great through London´s rush hour as so small. Had it for three years but now I want something more practical to tour and commute on that doesn´t give me a pain in the neck and wrists.
1999 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 1
Info: 1st bike after a long riding break, great condition but also my first naked and didnt like the wind blast. Also, very heavy.
2002 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2006
Sold: Mar 2006
Info: Only had for a month, nice bike but boring unless you wind it up. Not suitable as a commuter unless you like to potter around town. Probably would be a good tourer as solid and comfy on the motorway. Loved the upright seating position but jerky throttle and bouncy suspension spoiled the ride. People would ask me "do you like your new bike?" and I would say "its alright, yeah its n
1989 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 1
Info: Nice bike, low miles looked after but after dropping it doing a u turn and respraying it back to new, it fell over again in some soft tarmac on a sunny day and I fell out with it so sold it, sadly for a song, swore I wouldn´t do that again. It was also too high for me and consiquently felt top heavy, very different from my previous GPZ600.
1986 Kawasaki GPZ 600

Photos: 1
Info: First big bike after passing my test. High mileage but fun. had white frame and recovered seat that made it different from the rest plus a Laser exhaust and a steering damper that was quickly removed as it wasn´t needed. Nice bike, which my mate bought from me after a couple of years.

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