scoobidobidoo's 1986 Honda CR 250

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Information: She was stock when I get her, and she was very clean, but now... you can see... she is anything BUT stock. Improvements include, but are not limited to: Wiseco + .020, milled and re-cupped head, milled base, Pro-circuit expansion, FMF silencer, Carbon-Tech reeds, 10mm torque spacer, Uni filter, BR9EIX iridium plug, HotRodīs rod, Renthal bars, Acerbis Rally Pro guards (trimmed), Cateye Enduro 8 trip computer, Custom seat work, Renthal countershaft sprocket, Sprocket specialists lightened rear sprocket, Regina chain, Maier plastics, Dunlop D739 front, Dunlop D756 rear, advanced timing, and notice all the hand polishing around the "Pro-Link and the rear shack assembly. She only likes 110+ octane due to high compression mods. Yes itīs fast.

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