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Member: sdanville
Name: steve danville
From: jenison, MI, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 62 years old
Riding For: 48 years
Member Info: Bike-a-holic Live in U.S.A.....but have European taste in Bikes. Have owned 70+ bikes most of them dual sports/purpose. Note to Honda...Please import the African Twin.
1991 Honda ST 1100 / Pan European

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2000
Info: Keeping in inventory since the last Century is the greatest testimony I could make for the over all performance of this bike. 70,000 miles and runs like new. I added Heli bars, tall windshield and heated grips to extend the riding season.
1988 Honda NX 250 Dominator

Photos: 1
Info: THE MOST IMPRESSIVE Motorcycle I have ever owned. Honda imported 3 sizes of the NX in 1988-9. I owned all three. the NX125, NX250, NX650. In the photo is my 1988 NX250 in the Fore Ground...My NX650 in the Back ground. I like the 250 better. lighter, smoother 11-1 compression, water cooled a trick light bike...especially for 1988. I am 6 4" 250lbs and consistently returned 85-90 miles per gal
1979 Honda CX500 Custom

Photos: 13
Purchased: Sep 2014
Info: BARN FIND. The First Motorcycle with tubeless tires was the CX500. Honda''s First production V Twin was the CX500. The First production Turbo was the CX500. I lusted for this bike in 1978. I could not afford it. Currently in my area (2014) fine examples are available for under $1000. This was $400. It had sat for 17 years and I found a froze engine, frozen brake, frozen Starter , frozen carbur
1994 Honda CBR 1000 F

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2015
Info: Bone Stock. 5,180 miles. Even original tires. Craigslist find. Not ridden for about 20 years. the carburetors were not drained. Took me 8 tanks of fuel with marvel oil in it to have it hit on all 4 cylinders. This Bike has made me amazed. What I mean is, I am 6''4" and a senior. I rode 4 hours one day and it was a breeze. Maybe more comfortable than my Goldwings. That I find amazing. i
2005 Honda Big Ruckus PS250

Photos: 11
Purchased: Jun 2015
Info: 250 water cooled belt drive. 17,000 miles. Bone Stock. Bought it to have in inventory for my twilight years. Pretty sure back in 2006 Motorcyclist Mag wrote this is the only scooter made for heterosexuals. Update. After riding this for a while. Jumping off a CBR on this leaves the Ruckus wanting. I ordered touch up paint. Might flip it.
1982 Honda FT 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Jun 2009
Info: This is my 3rd FT500. My 1st was bought in 1984. The FT500 Ascot sold in the USA as 1982 and 1983 models. Retail in 1982 was $2195 US by 1984 they were $1295 at the dealers. Great Great Bike not appreciated. 4 stroke single Cyl.. Light weight. Over 50 Miles per gallon. Counter balanced for smoothness. maybe 30 HP. Not much. Ive owned/riden Honda NX650''s and a XR650L and this 500cc is way smoother
1972 Honda XL 250

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jun 2006
Sold: Feb 2008
Info: One of the FIRST 900 Honda XL''s EVER Built. Be Careful when buying bikes on EBay. The seller misrepresented this one. A runner he said ... Technically I did hear it run. but not as far as around the block without extensive work. June 2007 update. Progress. I have updated photo''s if you CLICK THE BIKE. She runs good only up to 4000 RPM. Bought 2 carbs, tuned over and over. JULY 2007 Update.
1977 Yamaha XT 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Oct 2006
Info: Clean examples of the old XT500''s go for around $2000. It''s all about the torque with this bike. Crank the throttle and smile. Ive owned/ridden several 500 to 650 honda thumpers and this is a better power plant. Except Honda''s start easier.
1976 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 1990
Sold: Jul 2001
Info: Some may say "Thats a 1st year Wing.1975" Nope , check the gold wheels. It is a 1976 GL1000LTD. Yes I swapped colors..The LTD Rootbeer Brown was dull. And I bought a Corbin Gunfighter. I think Honda took a spy Photo and used my old bike to create the RUNE. After several years of use I called a Goldwing collector I knew via the Web and sold this for $2000. No floor space. I miss it.
1980 Yamaha XS 1100

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Jun 2006
Info: It was okay...bought it right...not as refined as the old Honda''s. I had a Yamaha XS650 twin..that was a bland ok bike, , XS850 favorite Yamaha XS with torque and character and this mundane XS1100. The XS850 wins my vote for "fun to ride" in the Yamaha XS Series.
1981 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: : I have owned a bunch of Wings. I like the 1100''s the best. Ive owned....Goldwings of these years... 1975,1976,1977,1979,1980,1982. The 6 Cyls are too big for my liking. The 1200''s have charging stator problems.
1980 Honda CB 750

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2006
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: Project bike. When I finally figured it all out... Carbs, new Head, Exhaust, Timing advance mechanism replacement etc...... when this SuperSport hit 7,000 RPM that 80 Horse Power was a RUSH. Anytime I see any model Honda 750 at a sub wholesale price I would buy it.
1973 Honda CB 500 Four

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 1990
Sold: Jul 1992
Info: This one was in a barn for a decade. Boy did she clean up. Another example of one I should have kept. sold it for $350. It pains me to think about it now.
1970 Kawasaki A7 350

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2006
Info: In 1970 I watched this Avenger wheelie across the Shelby High School Parking lot. Over 1/3 of a Century later a chance inquiry about it, landed it in my stable. 14,000 miles on the odometer. It does not run. It was parked decades ago. But one day it will wheelie again. Update.Sold to make more room for bikes that actually ran.
1973 BMW R 75/5

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2003
Sold: Sep 2003
Info: Comment: I thought I would try a BMW. Not for me. After 500 miles I put it up for sale. When I told the attorney buyer this old toaster had a weak clutch, weak brakes, crummy suspension, drips oil only occationally, has a weak headlight and seems underpowered.He said"That''s all characteristic of these" and was happy to pay me my asking price of $2000. Buy one so you can say you own a BMW
1986 Honda TR200 FatCat

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 2007
Sold: Jun 2007
Info: I would Take one of these over a Quad anyday. Unless I was a parapaligic, had terrible coordination, or was over 90 years old. This 200cc Thumper was another fine machine by Honda that didnt sell well so they only made it 2 years. Now a quite sought after machine. sold $1,650.
1981 Honda XL 500

Photos: 5
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: Its Winter in Michigan, but when a seller needs money and has a strong , clean, complete, Vintage Honda Thumper and is even willing to take a non running project bike in trade..then Winter is the time to BUY. Installed head gasket & Sold in the summer. It was a good bike. I had 3 500''s and not enough time to keep clean gas in them. Sold for $1,250.00 in 2008
1975 Honda XL 350

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 1976
Sold: Oct 1981
Info: In 1976 I wanted an XL250 Honda until I read the XL350 was 4 lbs heavier.I bought one slightly used from a banker with 700 miles on it for $875. Many years later I sold the bike for $250 because it ran poorly.Later I asked the buyer how it was going."Perfect" he replied, the point cover was on backwards and was shorting the points.I vowed Never to be that stupid again. Vows dont work.
1982 Honda CB 750

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jan 1992
Sold: Jun 1996
Info: This Honda CB750 Custom may be the best all around road bike I have owned. More comfortable then my ST1100, not as heavy and bloated as Goldwings, this old Honda did it all very well. Photo taken about 1994 as my daughters are now adults. Just behind the CB750c is my Red 1982 FT500 and to the left is my 1982 750 Kawasaki Spectra. I rode this bike about 4 years which for me is a long ownership.
1971 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 1973
Sold: Jun 1975
Info: My 3rd bike was a 1971 Green Suzuki 250 Savage. At 16 a Kawasaki Bushmaster 90, at 17 a Suzuki TS185 at 18 a Suzuki TS250. This bike was not a step up from my new TS185 as I expected. I bought it used and abused. at 9,000 miles it was already in need of rings and when the shifter forks left me stranded, I sold it. My next bike was the 1975 Honda XL350 and I have preferred Honda 4 strokes ever sinc
1970 Kawasaki kawasaki

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 1970
Sold: Apr 1971
Info: 90cc Kawasaki Bushmaster. Paid $373 Brand Spanking New at the Kawasaki Deaker in Muskegon Michigan. I bought this over the Honda SL100 my pal had because it was $100 cheaper. Those old 4 stroke Honda''s SL''s are still running...these old Kawasaki''s have long since given out.
1982 Honda XL 500 R

Photos: 10
Purchased: May 2008
Sold: Jul 2009
Info: Another bike that screamed "STEVE SAVE ME". This one burned oil. I replaced the rings and head gasket. Had a surprise when I found a Wiseco hi compression piston in it. I replace all the plastic, speedo gear, mirrors,chain,etc. Every stable needs a dual Sport in it. Click the photo for more photos. SOLD SOLD SOLD - I wanted a fast sale after the bike threw me off because of the high com
1995 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE

Photos: 7
Purchased: Aug 2008
Info: Law Suit American Classic Edition. ACE.In 1995 when Honda introduced the Honda ACE with a single pin crankshaft for an uneven idle.Harley sued Honda for making a Potato Potato sound. Later the suit was dropped. To Honda''s Credit - This Honda was MADE IN THE USA. Marysville.Ohio. It has two Spark Plugs per cyl. ,its Water cooled, Shaft Drive, OHC, reliable & Keeps its oil on the INSIDE. It was an
1971 Suzuki TS 185

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 1971
Sold: Sep 1973
Info: At age 17 I bought my 2nd Brand New Motorcyle was the Suzuki Serra 185 2 stroke. This was a GREAT bike for me at that time. Cost $635 Brand New. Orange and white stripes. And did great wheelies.
1975 Honda CB400F

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2002
Sold: Jun 2002
Info: Sometimes a Guy Gets Lucky. On Mothers Day 2002 I saw a stock clean Blue CB400F Supersport with a for sale sign for $500. I bought it. Rode it for a month. Then Sold it for $1650. Small Road Bikes dont get much classier in my book.
1985 Honda XL 350

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jul 2009
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: 1985 XL350R. Cycle World Named this bike The Best Dual Sport in 1985. Beating BMW and KTM. This one I just bought with 6500 Miles. Not a typo, 6500 Origional miles. I will drive out of state or up Near the Mac Bridge for a diamond like this. Cup reads Bacon Bridge Market with a photo of the Macinaw Bridge. Bought it on the drive back from loading up the bike. April 2010 Update. I sold the bik
1997 Suzuki DR 350

Photos: 13
Purchased: Feb 2010
Sold: Apr 2012
Info: Its winter. Snow on the raods. I have thought for years if I could find a good buy on a DR350SE with elect start I would buy it. Evasive Seller said it went down. The problems really snowballed on me restoring this. Click photo for details. 2012 Sold it. Nothing wrong with it, just time for a change.
1981 Honda Gl1100 Standard

Photos: 4
Purchased: Nov 2011
Sold: Jul 2012
Info: One of the most comfortable bikes for me is the GL1100. I prefer the standard. Found one this week, seller started some repairs and gave up. The Vetter fairing is off and the Vetter Bags and Trunk were taken off right after this photo was taken today. UPDATE. After I did a restoration to stock. The bike sold to a man and son that just wanted the engine for a prototype 4 wheel cage. I suggested t
1983 Suzuki Gr650 Tempter

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 2012
Sold: Dec 2012
Info: I wanted a Standard. The New Bonneville''s cost too much. The Kawasaki W650 Bonneville tribute biks are to hard to find. The Yamaha 650 Special .... Yamaha''s Bonneville replica would be a contender and I owned one back in the 90''s it was a fun bike. I found this. Suzuki''s 1983 Bonneville Tribute Bike. 650 vertical Twin. Was not accepted here in the States in terms of Stellar sales.. Sold great
1982 Yamaha XS 650

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 1991
Sold: May 1992
Info: So many bikes I would love to buy back for what I sold them for. I found this in a garage with a license plate 3 years expired. I offered an insulting $350 and the seller took it. I rode it for 500 miles and sold it for $1000. This was in the early 1990''s. It would sell for $3000 today.
2001 Triumph Adventurer

Photos: 5
Purchased: Aug 2012
Sold: May 2013
Info: I have wanted to Try a Triumph Triple for years. My thoughts on this Bike are expressed if you click the photo with the Triumph and Suzuki comparing it to GR650 Suzuki.
1985 Honda Nighthawk 650

Photos: 13
Purchased: Sep 2012
Sold: Jun 2015
Info: I had cosmetic parts for a CB650SC in storage since 1999. I watched for over a decade to find a good running crappy looking Nighthawk. This was it. I have some before and after photos and comments. Sold after 3 years to make more room for collection.
1986 Honda VT 1100 (Shadow)

Photos: 12
Purchased: Aug 2013
Sold: Jul 2014
Info: This is my 4th Shadow. My Previous Shadow was an 1100 ACE looked beautiful and sounded identical to a harley with jardine pipes but without my fear of break down. The Problem with the ACE for me, was the recliner seating. Feet out in front is unnerving to me. This Generation One Shadow, has the pegs more underneath me. I read the Generation Ones had way more horse power then the generation 2 a
2006 Suzuki Gs500f

Photos: 7
Purchased: Oct 2013
Sold: Mar 2015
Info: Twin 500 added to the stable. Traded some cash and firearms for it. GS500F. Grand Sport 500 cc Fairing. The GS500 has no fairing. The GS500F has a fairing, some say the F means the GS500 with a fairing. Reports for MPG''s are from 50 to 90MPG''s. The seller told me this gets 90 MPG''s. I get 55 MPGs. Kept it for a season, put 2,000 miles on it. A simple basic bike. For my money, the Hondas
1987 Honda VF 750 (V45 Magna)

Photos: 7
Purchased: Oct 2014
Sold: Mar 2016
Info: 1987 SUPER Magna V45 750. To me the only collectable Magna. Nice sound, scary fast. I like the solo look. Bought this from another local motorcycle enthusiast. Due to lack of floor space. Sold march 2016 for $2000.00
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