sdanville's 1986 Honda VT 1100 (Shadow)
Info: Shinko tour tire $76. delivered from motorcyclesuperstore.

only been on it 100 miles. Would only say it is okay.  I have a
Shinko 777 ready to install on my nighthawk .. the 777 gets high reviews....
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Info: Apparently I like Honda 1100's. a V twin and a V4 are in my garage.
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Info: port side.
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Info: I cant imagine why people want more than a liter motor.
This and my ST1100 have more Horses than I can use.
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Info: I wanted to swap out my rectangle stock blinkers with round. Bought a pair off ebay from a Suzuki M105. Thought it would be slam dunk. Warning, the stock indicators have small off set mounting bolts t...
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Info: M105 Suzuki Blinker on a Generation One VT1100 Shadow.
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Info: I am tall and the stock handlebars are terrifying to me. narrow, low,
hands almost vertical. These GL1100 bars on the generation one Shadow 1100 were better than stock..but the freaky Shadow has bars...
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Info: Generation 1 shadow 1100 sporting Kawasaki Voyager adjustable handlebars. These are the widest bars I have seen. Had to reroute cables.  The unnerving tight vertical stock bars are gone. 
This may be...
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Info: Stock Handlebars. I can not get use to them. Took them off.
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Info: Monster Wide Yamaha Voyager adjustable handlebars.
1" at mount 7/8 at grips.  Just one more thing I found would work 
on certain bikes.
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Info: the Generation One Shadow 1100.
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Info: Generation One Shadow
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Photos: 12
Purchased: Aug 2013
Sold: Jul 2014
Information: This is my 4th Shadow. My Previous Shadow was an 1100 ACE looked beautiful and sounded identical to a harley with jardine pipes but without my fear of break down. The Problem with the ACE for me, was the recliner seating. Feet out in front is unnerving to me. This Generation One Shadow, has the pegs more underneath me. I read the Generation Ones had way more horse power then the generation 2 and subsequent 1100 Shadows. The more I ride this old bike , the more I appreciate it. At this writing, I have put on about 1200 miles.

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