sdanville's 1997 Suzuki DR 350
Info: before any clean up what so ever. 2-23-2010 winter purchase.
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Info: A freak thing happened. I buy this bike. No spark.
turns out I am guessing the float needle stuck open , as the whole stator, magneto, pick up coil area was full of gasoline. Over a gallon of gasolin...
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Info: i jacked up the bike from the bash plate, took off the wheel, then the tire off the wheel,  I brought the wheel in the house and installed all new spokes. about 13 were gone and the rest bent.
My wif...
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Info: WHEEL LACING. Never dont it before. About time.
I intended on replacing 1/3 but they were all messed up.

UPDATE. March 25th 2010.
 Wasted my time and money lacing the wheel.

The rim was bent t...
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Info: The seller Bruce did not express the severity of his bike going down.  I thought fisrt I jest need a blinker , then new spokes, then a new rim, then new forks, then triple tree replacement and they ar...
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Info: Suzuki DR350SE bent Triple Tree.
With my handlebars straight, the front tire was aiming 10 degrees to the right.  We pushed and pulled, it kept springing back wrong.
Never had one that wouldnt strai...
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Info: the purple , yellow , pink, too much rainbow for me.
So Get out the Rustoleum black paint and razor blade.
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Info: DR350SE DeFaging.

Painted the yellow and purple saddle and yellow fork covers.
Stripped the Decals on the tank and side panels.
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Info: To DeFag a mid 90's Suzuki, peal off the rainbow
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Info: I call them the Gay 90's. In the 1980's bikes were 
Red, Black Solid, in the Gay 90's purple, pink, yellow.
This may look sort of blue and Yellow, its Purple in real life.
This Suzuki 1996 DR350SE ...
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Info: I hung the purple saddle from the wifes clothes line, for $8 bought black fabric paint from Autozone. Looks absolutely perfect. I treated the yellow fork boots the same way.
So my DeFagment treatment...
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Info: I painted the yellow fork boots place, and for $25  New White CYCRA front fender. I much prefer it over the wide floppy stock fender.
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Info: DR350SE Petcock repair. It leaked. Do Not buy a $30 rebuild kit.
Pay $24 to and buy a genuine YAHAMA Rapture petcock. Simple on reserve off. Just look at on the parts on the stock petc...
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Photos: 13
Purchased: Feb 2010
Sold: Apr 2012
Information: Its winter. Snow on the raods. I have thought for years if I could find a good buy on a DR350SE with elect start I would buy it. Evasive Seller said it went down. The problems really snowballed on me restoring this. Click photo for details. 2012 Sold it. Nothing wrong with it, just time for a change.

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