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Member: serendipity
Name: Simon
From: South Bucks, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 43 years old
Riding For: 23 years
1994 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: May 1997
Info: My trusty old workhorse. Daily commute, holidays and fun all soaked up with ease over the last nine years. 80k miles and counting. Very few photos of this machine, but I''ll upload some more as soon as I can get organised.
1995 Honda CB 500

Photos: 2
2007 Honda CBF 1000

Photos: 2
1992 Yamaha XJ 600

Photos: 10
Purchased: Sep 1994
Sold: May 1997
Info: 1992 Diversion, my first big bike. I absolutely caned this poor machine. 77,000 miles in two and a half years. Donít get me wrong. I was single at the time so I lavished care upon it and when I finally sold it on it was still in pretty fine condition. Unfortunately the girl I sold it to wrote it off less than a month later. Pictures poorly scanned so I may try to get better results scanning the ne
1986 Yamaha RXS 100

Photos: 5
Purchased: Aug 1997
Sold: Jun 2012
Info: Well this is my ratty old RXS after a fairly comprehensive makeover. The engine was sound, but the rest of the bike was a borderline death-trap. In June 2006 I bought a cheap, but much younger stolen/recovered with a dead engine and swapped everything good over to mine. The only original bits of my bike in the photos are the engine, the main part of the frame, the clocks and the number plate. I re
1990 Yamaha RXS 100

Photos: 3
Purchased: May 1993
Sold: Sep 1994
Info: Iím very sentimental about this, my first bike, hence the fact that I now own another one (see above). Bought privately from an advert in a car magazine for £500. I racked up 25,000 miles in 18 months, did my test, rode it to work daily, went on camping holidays and (most importantly) learnt how to care for a bike. I spent many sunny weekends maintaining the machine and I finally part exchanged it
1966 Ducati 160

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 1997
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: I had a good friend with a number of these bikes in various states of repair. We collected together all the parts for a complete machine and I started work on putting the whole thing together as a long term projectÖÖ But as is often the way with these things it all ground to a halt. I moved house to a place with nowhere to work on the bike and it ended up rotting in storage in a friendís garage. E
2002 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 3
Purchased: Nov 2006
Sold: Oct 2010
Info: 2002 CBR954 RR2 Went to buy a second hand commuter. You know, something solid and sensible like an old Deauville or somethingÖÖ.. And came home with this. Woops. I have been using the FireBlade to commute to work over the winter and to be honest itís pretty good. Not too bad in slow traffic and a thoroughly flexible engine makes it quite relaxing at slow speeds. Itís a bit of a crime to be inf
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