serendipity's 2002 Honda CBR 900

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Purchased: Nov 2006
Sold: Oct 2010
Information: 2002 CBR954 RR2 Went to buy a second hand commuter. You know, something solid and sensible like an old Deauville or somethingÖÖ.. And came home with this. Woops. I have been using the FireBlade to commute to work over the winter and to be honest itís pretty good. Not too bad in slow traffic and a thoroughly flexible engine makes it quite relaxing at slow speeds. Itís a bit of a crime to be inflicting slow salty death on this beautiful machine, but both my other bikes are laid up with mechanical issues and Iíve been too busy to fix them. Looking forward to the warmer weather when I can start to explore what this amazing bike can do. The roads are too wet and greasy at the moment to safely have a play. Iíve already had a few rear wheel spins, but I hope to stay upright until the grip returns.

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