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Member: shad2s
Name: Shad Tews
From: El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years old
Riding For: 35 years
Member Info: (1/16/2012) The 1995 FZR600 project is finally finished. Can''t wait to ride it this summer. (7-4-2008) Our trip through TN, NC, GA, AL and MS was wonderful. We met interesting and kind people and saw amazing and beautiful scenery. Despite mechanical issues and a flat tire, we still had a great time and we are already picking places to go next year. (also, fix-a-flat is now part of the tool kit) After we got back I also took a ride with my Dad to all the houses we lived in Colorado. It was neat to go back and see those places and talk to the people who live there now. (5-23-2008) Again it has been a while since I have updated my profile. Recently I purchased a new toy, a 1996 CBR900. When I first got it, it was runnig very poorly and was falling on its face at 5k RPM. The bike has very few miles and was well cared for so it seemed strange for it to be having such issues. Turns out, when I took it apart to replace the plugs, I found that a family of mice had made their home inside the airbox and had it packed full of seeds and nest material. Lucky they hadn''t chewed through the filter and none of their food made it into the engine. After I replaced the plugs, cleaned out hte airbox and put a new filter in it, the bike runs like new. I''ve decided to name the new bike Ralph, after Ralph S. Mouse. Also, since I have a new bike I am going to sell the 1997 FZR600. It has been a great bike and I will miss it. (3-10-07) Been a while since I posted an update here. I decided to build the 95 FZR for my brother and so far that project is coming along very nicely. On my 97 I just got new tires and a new chain and sprockets for it. Once it warms up a bit it will be time to dust off the CR and get it ready for riding too. (4-19-06) Now this was my kind of Easter Sunday, we spent a few hours roost´in around in the field. Both of the girls are getting very fast, I am no longer fouling plugs due to lack of throttle while riding with the girls, it´s all wide open. Makes a Daddy proud! (3-7-06) The beast lives again! I bought a used but good stock bore cylinder off ebay and got the beast all put back together and she is running very well so far during the break in. I am getting towards the bottom end of this first tank of gas and started to rip on it and it feels very tight. The first compression tests read 120 before the rings completely seated and now it is close to 140. I think for this altitude that is very good. Once I get it past the break in period and it gets cleaned up I will post some "all finished" pics. Can´t wait to hit the trails. (2-21-06) Well I spent the winter months working on the “vette” project and now it is time to focus back on my beloved CR500. For those just tuning in, I had powder coated the frame and rebuilt the top end after the last poker run of the season back in August (I think) of 2005. The exhaust bridge on the cylinder cracked and collapsed into the piston causing seizure of both the engine and my riding. Tech Tip: For those of you who do your own maintenance and rebuilding, never assume the machine shop is going to relief the exhaust bridge as they may be assuming you are going to drill the holes in the piston. You don’t want to learn this the hard way like I did. So, I am in the market for a new cylinder. I think I am going to purchase a new one so that I will get the maximum number of bores in future rebuilds. I will also need to find someone port my new cylinder. I am uploading some of the pics I took during the rebuild before the engine seized. I will post my progress as the project takes form. Happy Riding! Shad
1991 Honda CR 500

Photos: 14
Info: Sometimes I wonder who is taking who for a ride on this thing......
2002 Yamaha PW 80

Photos: 3
Info: This is my oldest daughters first bike. I was a fun bike for her to learn on and for me and my friends to goof off on.
2004 Yamaha TTR 125

Photos: 7
Info: We replaced the PW80 with a TTR125. I have to say that so far the TTR has been a wonderful bike. Lots of low end power for mountains and it handles very well. My daughter was torn between a 4 stroke 125 and a 2 stroke 80. The 4 stroke won out in the end. As fast as she is riding this I have to wonder how much further she could go on a two stroke. As it is right now she has this top gear and totall
2000 KTM 50 SX Pro Jr

Photos: 18
Info: This is my youngest´s first bike. It took a bit of work to get it running good but once it was dialed in it screamed! If you don´t like/want to work on your kids bike then I would NOT recommend one of these. I continually have to work to adjust this bike to run properly under various conditions. For me it is enjoyable but for people looking for something they don´t have to play with
1995 Yamaha FZR 600

Photos: 15
Purchased: Jul 2006
Info: For some reason I have had this strong desire to buy a sport bike. Being that I am on a limited budget I knew I was going to have to settle on something that would need considerable work. I purchased this 95 FZR600 and the project is underway!
1997 Yamaha FZR 600

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2006
Info: Yes its true. I purchased another FZR 600. I bought this with the intention of taking the motor from the 95 and putting it in this one. Turns out I didn''t need to swap motors at all and now I have two running FZR''s. Looks like that 95 might end up being my track bike while I ride the 97 around.
1996 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 3
Info: After two years on the FZR600 I decided to upgrade to a liter bike. A good friend of mine discovered this very low mile (6k) 1996 CBR900 in a local listing and I decided to buy it. After vacating the family of mice from its airbox the bike now runs like a champ.
2001 Victory V92C

Photos: 11
Info: I bought this bike so that Jen and I could do motorcycle trips together. Our first one through Smokey Mountain National Park in NC was amazing. We are both looking forward to the next trip.
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