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Member: shaunsavoury
Name: Shaun Savoury
From: Corner Brook, NL, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Member Info: I am a guy who loves bikes!
1980 Suzuki GS 850

Photos: 6
Purchased: Apr 2003
Sold: Jun 2005
Info: I bought this bike last summer. It was a bit of a "fixer upper". I rewired it, added a fuse box,battery, starter, rebuilt the side covers, exhost, added new tires, a headlight, mirrors, back tail light and a new paint job. You see...I totally remade this bike because it was worth it. It ran great and itīs only downfall was that the previous owner never took good care of it. Anyways, here
1979 Suzuki GS 750

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: This is my new(to me) baby! I bought it (June 11,2004). It has a few small problems, nothing I canīt handle. Iīll have it in tip top Shape by next week. It just needs a new battery, some paint, chain guard, brake so on, just small stuff. Now (June 15,2004) added new pictures of it metallic blue. Te bike is up an running fine now. It is almost the same color as my GS850 but that bik
1974 Yamaha TX 750

Photos: 10
Purchased: Aug 2004
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: I bought this bike a few days ago(Aug. 6,2004). It still has the original paint! It is a sweet bike with alot of guts!
1976 Yamaha XS 650

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2004
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: If you read the side cover on the last pic you can almost pic out the words "Heritage Special". I am ordering the YAMAHA word and the HERITAGE SPECIAL from the dealer to place back on the bike when it is painted an restored. I donīt like the color though, it will be light blue when finished.
1980 Suzuki GS 750

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: This is a complete bike(and then some) in parts that I bought with the 1979 GS750 Suzuki in June. I have enough parts to put together a bike so I am going to build a engine and then the bike whenever I have some extra time to work on it. (UPDATE:) Well...I sold the bike before I got it finished to a guy who owns a 1981 GS750. He is a new bike friend in this city and has a pic of his bike here on t
1982 Honda CM 450E

Photos: 12
Purchased: Mar 2003
Sold: Jun 2005
Info: Pictures are comming soon! I bought this bike and brought it home on the same day of one of the worst snow storms of the year! May 15, 2005, was a bad day for this bike. It was Vandalized. I know who did it and it was personal so I didnīt charge them. I dealt with it in my own way. Anyways, attached are pictures of the damage. Things like that donīt slow me down though. On May 21, 2005, I redes
1986 Yamaha FZ 600

Photos: 4
Purchased: May 2010
Sold: Oct 2012
1984 Suzuki GSX 750

Photos: 18
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Jul 2013
Info: Bought this bike to clean up and resale. Very powerful machine. This bike was vandalized too on May 15,2005 (along with 1982 Honda CM450E). The gas tank was scratched up and seat knifed. Both bikes had the same type of damage. The person tried to knife the tires too but the rubber was too thick. Anyways, attached are the pictures I took on May 28,2005(yesterday), when I painted the bike. The exhos
1989 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jun 2013
1983 Honda CM 450E

Photos: 5
Info: I liked my old one so much that I sold in 2005 ... that I bought this one today! A bit of a fixer upper but I am looking forward to it. :)

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