sheridanmx's 2003 Kawasaki KX 125
Info: Eh, just a pic I took prior to taking it out riding for the FIRST TIME! I was so anxious and ready to ride, funnest time ever. Later that day I got the moto bug and now I can't stop thinking about it....
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Info: Just a side view of my bike, the scratched up graphics. It was like that when I bought it
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Info: Check out the nice powder coat! lol Sik.
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Info: FMF baby. More powder coat ..... and my dented s-10 bed ... lol
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Info: Left side, these are mostly all cell phone pics as you can tell by the palm tree in the distance kinda fading out.
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Info: Nice view of the right side, and an approaching storm.
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Info: The front, my s-10. my garage. Sister's mountain bike that never gets used.
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Info: The rear view. The wierd cell phone made the bushes shadow look messed up on the right
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Info: Just another pic
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