shredderx's 1982 Suzuki PE 175
Info: This is my 1982 PE 175, it will be getting some needed attention this winter as my son (8 yrs) and I strip it down and do some needed work. If you're looking for an owners manual (they are tough to fi...
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Info: A close of my basically stock engine, very little done to it over the years.
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Info: The other side of my PE's engine.
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Info: Notice the sag in my chain?  I've recently lost the bottom part of the chain guide.
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Info: Good side shot of my '82 PE 175.
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Info: My son (he's 8) standing next to my 1982 PE 175, he's been helping me with keeping it going and will help out over the winter when I do a rebuild.
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Info: PE out on trail.
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Info: New rollers on my PE 175, but realized when I looked closely I need to replace sprockets and chain.
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Info: My PE's rusty pipe.
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Info: My PE's pipe with a little Naval Jelly.
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Info: My PE's pipe after derusting and paint job.
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Info: Newly painted pipe sure does look better.
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Photos: 12
Purchased: Sep 2010
Sold: Jun 2011
Information: Restored this one and got it registered in Maine as an antique motorcycle just before I sold it.

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