Tamara's Member Page
Member: sicklilmonkey
Name: Tamara
From: Den Haag, Z-H, Netherlands
Gender: Female
Age: 30 years old
Riding For: 13 years
Member Info: Helllooooooooo My Name Is Bengo, I Like To Climb On Things, Can I Have A Banana? Eek Eek. Contact Me. Well Actually That IS Not Very Much Info Isnt It? You Are Free To Contact Me, Im Always "In" For A Chat. Oh Xcept For When Ya Are A Whiner (See Dislikes) Im Pretty Straight Forward And Whiners In My Path Will Be Kicked Aside. So Let Me Try And Tell Something More About Myself: Im 18 (I Filled In My Birthdate But This Thing Just Made Me 19, Weird). Im Female Yes, That Was No Mistake. So I Live In The Hague, Holland...Yay. Likes: - (All Sorts Xcept For Pop, Especially: Electronic/Industrial and Metal) Music - Oriental Food - (All Sorts Xcept For Pop) Clothing - Friends (My Best Friend Drives An TSX) - Travelling - Concerts (Ive Seen A "Few" Bands :) ) Dislikes: - Discriminating - People Who Drive A Cooler Moped Than I Do :) - Pop (That Includes: Attitude, Music, Clothing etc.) - Mopey Goths - Whiners
1987 Honda MT5

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jun 2003
Info: I dont know the models date so i just filled in 1987. And He´s Finally Home! (Was In A Garage Far Away Till A Few Days Ago) Only The Guy Whom I Shared The Garage With Fucked Up All My Painting :( So I Gotta Paint Almost Everything Again Xcept For The Frame :( I´ll Add More Pix Later.
1968 Puch VS 50

Photos: 0
Info: I´m getting this one soon, it´s waiting in this old lady´s garage for me to pick it up. :)

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