Sirylox's Member Page
Member: sirylox
Name: Sirylox
From: France
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Riding For: 17 years
2010 Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Photos: 38
Purchased: Dec 2009
1991 Kawasaki Zxr750r

Photos: 6
Purchased: Oct 2013
1992 Kawasaki Zxr750r

Photos: 97
Purchased: Nov 2013
1993 Kawasaki Zxr750r

Photos: 5
Purchased: Mar 2016
1991 Kawasaki ZXR 750

Photos: 8
Purchased: Mar 2007
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: 19000 km with this ZXR. A really great bike. One of the most beautiful for me. The chassis is very good, even if it''s an old bike. Only the engine is not that powerfull. I had lots of fun with this one, i regret to have sold it.
2000 Honda CB 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 2009
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: 11000 km with this one. Average bike, not really funny but great for daily trips, very robust.
2002 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Photos: 22
Purchased: May 2007
Sold: Mar 2008
Info: 17000 km with this ZX9R. Wonderfull bike, it''s the first one i regreted to sold. Even if it''s a sport bike it''s possible to travel far away with not much tiredness.
1999 Kawasaki ZZR 600 / ZX6

Photos: 10
Purchased: Sep 2006
Sold: May 2007
Info: 17000 km with this one. A nice bike, very polyvalent. I changed the rear shock absorber it was really better with the new one.
1999 Kawasaki ZRX 1100

Photos: 14
Purchased: Jan 2008
Sold: Jan 2009
Info: 15000 km done with this one. A nice bike with a great engine, only the chassis was not that good.
1998 Kawasaki ZX-7R

Photos: 26
Purchased: Apr 2010
Sold: Apr 2014
2009 BMW K1300r

Photos: 18
Purchased: Feb 2009
Sold: Dec 2009
Info: 33000 km done with this one. A great bike but i had many breakdowns with it. The main one was it consumes lots of oil and the engine had to be opened to solve it, that''s why i sold it.

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