skoezie's 1986 Honda CMX 250
Info: To bad i lost the licenseplate on my last ride. Have no idea how that happened. Will get another one soon. Got to keep rolling baby!
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Info: On from the other side. I personally think that the plastic window sucks, but the bike is not mine. My mother prefers to keep it this way.
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Info: Me sitting on the bike getting ready to ride. Was visiting a friend who has a digital photocamera. Bought the jacket the day the photo was taken. Very sweet discount.
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Information: Bike is build in 1986 on has only 1800 miles on it. So basicly it''s brand new. My mother bought it after she got her drivers license, but has only driven it 2 or 3 times. I encourage her to use it more often, but as long as she doesn''t i will! She''s thinking of selling it, but personaly i think that this is a waste.

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