slycker's 1987 Honda CBR 600

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Info: The Teknic leathers that you see me wearing in this shot are actually for sale.  They´re a size 44/54, and fit someone roughtly 6 ft tall.  The top can be unzippd from the bottom.  They´ve only been w...
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Info: Here´s my CBR naked.  Soon after I bought the bike, I took it apart to check everything.  I ended up rebuilding all three calipers, touching up some paint on the body, replacing some plugs and doing a...
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Info: These are my leathers that have only been worn about 4 or 5 times, so they're still in perfect condition - new leather smell included.  They retail for about $1000, and I'm open to selling them for ar...
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Information: I just got this bike in december ´01. It is an ´87 frame and body, with an ´89 engine and transmission in it, and the paint is custom.

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