socdiesel's 1986 Honda Spree

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Purchased: Aug 1986
Sold: Oct 1989
Information: Back in the day (late 80''s) this thing was a little beast. Well, I was only fifteen then, so to me it was a beast. LOL! I bought this from a kid with only 200 miles on it for only $150.00! The only reason he sold it was it was given to him by a relative and he couldn''t get it to start. I bought it thinking I could find someone to fix it.... Funny thing is, that when I brought it home that day I was messing with it and for some reason I squeezed the brake as I hit the start button and this Spree started right up! The seller as well as myself had no clue you had to apply the break to start it, duh! Well, to my surprise there was nothing wrong with this little scooter and just about stole it from the seller for $150.00! I rode this Spree every day for over two years and never had any problems with it. I even took it off road and it climbed every hill in the gravel pits. In October of 1988 I sold it to some guy for $400.00! Imagine that, I bought it for $150.00, drove the balls of of it, didn''t put a penny into it, and then sold it two years later for $400.00! You got to love those Honda''s... Who knows, maybe it''s still running. I would doubt it, but you never know....

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