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Member: specialisti
Name: specialisti
From: Hamina, Finland
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Member Info: I''m a fan of oldschool 2-stroke bikes (especially Yamahas, Jawas and MZs). I have now two bikes. I ride motorbike almost every day in the riding season (in Finland it is usually april to otcober) and love it. Riding motorcycle is the best thing to do. Smaller road is more fun in my opinion. :) Looking for to riding also in abroad in the future....
2001 Jawa 350

Photos: 11
Purchased: Jun 2008
Info: So I wanted bike for touring. I had good memories from Jawa typ 640 so I decided to buy that model again. This is with original Czech side boxes and Kappa spare "windscreen". Riden only 8200km so much kilometres ahead. I still think that Jawas type 640 is one of the most practical and easy maintain bikes ever made. It''s also extreme durable and reliable. Interesting kilometres ahead with
1989 Kawasaki KMX 200

Photos: 21
Purchased: Aug 2008
Info: I bought this for mostly gravel road use. This 200cc model is very rare in Finland. I had lucky to get this great condition bike. It''s one of the best street enduro bikes from my opinion. Goes very stable on gravel and also quite nice on asphalt. Very reliable and solid bike(for an jap bike). ;)
1987 Yamaha XJ 600

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 2012
1975 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 13
Purchased: Jul 2005
Sold: Jun 2008
Info: This was my first over 50cc bike. It was great to ride when it worked. It had unique engine sound. :P
1982 Solifer SM

Photos: 2
Purchased: Sep 2003
Sold: Sep 2008
Info: This was my second moped. It had 4-gear Tomos engine. It had stock 12mm Bing carb, Suzuki PVs performance pipe and 14-36 sprockets. Top speed was 70km/h with 35 rear sprocket but with 36 sprocket it was about 60-65km/h. Here in Finland mopeds maximum legal top speed is that 45km/h and of course this moped top speed is about 40km/h at stock. Very good moped to ride and extremely comfortable with l
1980 Solifer Export

Photos: 3
Purchased: Nov 2002
Sold: Sep 2005
Info: This was my first own moped. It had Tomos 2-gear automatic engine. I rode it very much and it was quite a reliable when starting problems was fixed. It was a almost stock at whole time and top speeds was under 50km/h. The torque was very poor and riding in uphills was very frustrating. :) But downhill it start to get rpm like a maniac and got 68km/h in a very long downhill. :)
2002 Jawa 350

Photos: 35
Purchased: May 2006
Sold: Sep 2007
Info: I sold this bike! Bike that i liked most. Very good bike on gravel roads. Works almost every conditions. It was extremely reliable too. This is the bike for riding around the world. :) Sounds was best! :P Ceska power! ;)
1987 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 7
Purchased: May 2007
Sold: Apr 2008
Info: Last RD 125 model. This 87 has YPVS and better front forks. I think one of the best 125cc bike ever. Works almost everywhere. In afphalt or gravel it''s pretty nice package. Only bigger problem in these models are ignition failures... This is very nice bike to ride, cause its ligthweight and has very flexible engine(cos the YPVS). Only bigger problem at the buying moment, was that one of the Y
1990 Suzuki GS 450

Photos: 4
Purchased: Sep 2007
Sold: Jan 2008
Info: Well I wanted to move bigger bike, so I put Jawa for sale and buy this baby! :P It was good bike but too heavy and not good for gravel roads. That''s why I decided to put it for sale and buy an enduro. Also I like more 2-stroke engines.
1998 Kawasaki KMX 125

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jan 2008
Sold: Jul 2008
Info: Well I wanted something light and good gravel ability after Suzuki. So KMX125 was the answer. Light 22hp 2-stroke enduro is good bike for little gravel roads. Quite a simple and reliable bike. Also very good riding position for short rider like me. Seat is better than many other enduros also. Can ride this also at snow. I put complete Giannelli performace exhaust on it. Give quite amount of torque
1963 Jawa 250

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 2008
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: I had this in season 2008. Engine fully rebuilted and all functional. This bike has very nice unique sound. :P Also it''s very low rpm engine. Not even close to normal small 2-stroke. Bike is not 100% original but everything works(except speedometer).
1998 MZ ETZ 301

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 2010
Sold: Oct 2011
Info: Bike that I dreamed for so many years. One of the most reliable 2-stroke bikes ever made. Extremely simple to maintain. More lightweight than Jawa and handles better in corners. With two passengers can keep 100-110km/h travel speed. Absolutely no vibration thanks to engines rubber suspension.

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