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Member: speediefreak
Name: Graham Wheater
From: Colne, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 46 years old
Riding For: 30 years
Member Info: Love bikes, HATE BIKE THIEVES!!! May you all ride hard and return safely. Migrated to riding dirtbikes in 2014, and now it''s all I ride, bar having an 800GS that serves both purposes. Isn''t it strange how things change. I never had a kawasaki until early 2006, but couldn''t see me buying owt else at the time. Went to a fireblade in 2013 I think, found it boring, and with me starting riding dirtbikes shortly after, I swapped it for a bmw 800gs that i hoped would do both. It does, but it''s bloody heavy! Next stop, ktm 690 enduro R mebbe!
2014 BMW F800 Gs

Photos: 5
Purchased: Oct 2014
Info: My first ever beemer, bought as the ktm has been so much fun, so hoping this will do a bit of both. It does, but jesus christ it''s heavy, 213kg''s compared to 107 that my ktm enduro bike weighs. Still, wouldn''t like to do 400 miles in a day on the ktm, the bmw does it, albeit with an extemely sore arse! Seat is crap, starts hurting my backside after just a few hours. Need to find a bike that does

Photos: 4
Purchased: Mar 2015
Info: KTM 350 EXC-F six days. Extravagant for a dirt bike retard like me, but I got a good deal. Wanted to go to 4 stroke for a while, ended up buying a new one. Just need a van now! Great bike, only got 12 hours and 350 miles on it so far, but it''s got bags of power ad sounds amazing. Bit loud really if I''m honest so may well put a different silencer on, and a lowered seat as I''m only a short arse. O
2003 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 2004
Sold: Dec 2005
Info: 2002 model year hornet, registered 04/2003. I bought it in august ''04, with only 800 miles on it. I guess some born again bought it new then went and got a new R1 after he''d gained ''all that experience'' on it. I used that bike every day without fail for the 16 months I owned it. That was for the 30 mile round trip to work and back, rain, snow, or shine. It got jet washed once a week, and once I''d
1995 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 5
Purchased: May 2006
Sold: May 2007
Info: This bike was great. F1 model in totally standard condition other than the can had been polished. Regularly blew away my mate on his 2002 gsxr600. Sadly it was stolen from my back yard by some thieving scum at the end of may 2007. Recently bought a G1 model to replace it with.
1998 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2007
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: Info now out of date!! - The latest and greatest! I wouldn''t go so far as to say I''m glad the last one went, but I''m sure that it was a blessing in disguise in a way. This one handle sooo much better. Only 13k on it, compared with the 24k on the last one. Typical kwaka mental top end, but I find the whole rev range perfectly adequate to say the least! Bog standard as all my bikes have been, as I d
1992 Kawasaki ZXR 400

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jan 2006
Sold: May 2006
Info: Bad idea! Seemed like a good one at the time. Bought on ebay, and it looked ok in the pics. Was told the carbs had been cleaned out recently. Oh, and it was 230 miles away. Ran like a pile of crap, wouldn''t rev over 7000. Stupidly, because I''d been told it''d had the carbs cleaned out, i looked at ignition side for the problem, thinking that maybe the coils were breaking down under load. Turned o
1984 Honda XBR 500

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 1999
Sold: Nov 1999
Info: Cheap and cheerful transport circa 1999, or so I thought. Turned out to be possibly the best handling bike I''d had up until then! Yes, that includes the FZR 400 that preceded it. (in respect to the fzr though, the tyres were pretty knackered and i was absolutely skint at the time, hence it got sold). Never cost me a penny to run bar fuel. Great bike, would have another anyday.
1994 Yamaha FZR 400

Photos: 1
Info: Bought cosmetically damaged from one of my work customers. Fairing and mirror broken and scuffed on the left hand side, work collegue fixed it for me in the bodyshop, and i must say did a lot better job than he did painting the cars in the day job. It was showing 4000 miles when i bought it, but his lads had ''been on a few track days on it'' . Hmmm.. Exup valve bushes were shot, but still went ve
1979 Yamaha FS1-E

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 1986
Sold: Apr 1987
Info: Oh yeah, buy a fizzie, they''re well quick! Hmm, well, this one refused point blank to go more than 35 mph!!! New piston, ported, tried allsorts to no avail. Ah well, live and learn, but at 16 you can''t be told owt!!
2004 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 3
Purchased: Nov 2008
Sold: Aug 2013
Info: I love this bike!!!! Redefines the word mental to me! It''s just another reason why I''m a Kawasaki devotee. Yes, the back end is hard, but that doesn''t matter, the front end on this bike is so planted, the back might skip around now and then, but it just keeps following the front, driving it forward to the next set of turns at an incredible pace! There''s only possibly one bike that I''d swop this f
1992 Yamaha RD 350

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 1994
Sold: Mar 1995
1991 Kawasaki Zephyr 550

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2010
Sold: Jun 2011
Info: Now gone to the great bike breakers in the sky!
1989 Honda NC30

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jun 2013
Sold: Apr 2014
Info: Always wanted one of these since I first clapped eyes on one around about 1991. For some reason whenever bike buying time came they always seemed to elude me, or got distracted by kawasaki fever later on lol. The fzr was a good buy, but really wanted one of these. Anyway, a few weeks ago i just thought sod it, and bought one, unseen, on ebay. Great runner, no problems at all! Oh really???? Bought
2003 Honda Cbr 954rr Fireblade

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jul 2013
Sold: Oct 2014
Info: A great bike, but I just never got on with it, no idea why, just it and me were soooo not made for each other. Nothing wrong with it at all, did everything it was supposed to, yet I struggle to say anything good about it. Think I''d just reached a time in my life when sports bikes were a thing of the past for me, I bought it thinking it would be comfy and a do anything bike. Turned into a ''I''ll do
2005 KTM 200 EXC

Photos: 6
Purchased: Apr 2014
Sold: Mar 2015
Info: Dirtbikes are fun, you MUST try one! Absolutely ace!! Loadsa fun, not great for getting from a to b on road but only used on road between lanes. This bike changed my life, I know that sounds dramatic but it''s true, I discovered another side to biking that I''d not experienced before, seeing things that no road bike could ever see on two wheels. I didn''t think that it was possible to have a physic
2002 Kawasaki GPZ 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2011
Sold: May 2012
Info: Brilliant bikes these, a genuine do anything bike, cheap to buy, cheap to run, comfy, and quick enough if you wind it up a bit.
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