speediefreak's 1992 Kawasaki ZXR 400

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Info: Looks like new 'un in this pic. Looks can be deceiving...
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Info: Hmm, wonder why it wouldn't rev???
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Purchased: Jan 2006
Sold: May 2006
Information: Bad idea! Seemed like a good one at the time. Bought on ebay, and it looked ok in the pics. Was told the carbs had been cleaned out recently. Oh, and it was 230 miles away. Ran like a pile of crap, wouldn''t rev over 7000. Stupidly, because I''d been told it''d had the carbs cleaned out, i looked at ignition side for the problem, thinking that maybe the coils were breaking down under load. Turned out that the carbs were totally full of crap, due to the fuel tank slowly rusting away inside. Sorted running problem, but the fuel was leaking through into the overflow pipe inside the tank, so the vent had to be blocked off. Lost faith and sold to a dealer. Would have another one if i knew it was gonna be a good one, went very well for a 400!

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