speedy75cc's 2003 Gilera GSM 50

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Purchased: Jul 2003
Sold: Jun 2004
Information: My dad brought me this bike for my birthday and ever since then we have been tuning it up!! First step was de-restricting it. I went a while with out doing anything then I swung my leg over the bike and booted the back indicater off!!(Not to pleased) So we went down the local bike shop and brought 2 sets of mini indicators with look very good but u can´t really see them when im going along the road, because of the rather large legal number plate!! So I had 1 made up which is 6X5 big (or small which ever way you wont to look at it!!) Which looks the Mutt’s Nuts and so the ´L´ plate had to have the same treatment!! Soon after that my dad had gone to Spain and brought a MK 75cc big bore kit back with him which went on ASAP. Then we took it to one of my Uncle’s mates (Craig) who tunes supermotos for a living, and he had a look at it!! He modifid the air box put a race reed valve in it and re-jetted it. And now it will do 59mph and doesn´t mess about getting there ether. You should see the smile, which is plastered all over my face when i’m riding it!! Many thanks to my Dad, my Uncle and Craig for helping me out. (UP-DATE November 03: I have just got a new bigger front sprocket it is only 1 tooth bigger but it has made loads of difference. As my bike vibrates so much after a while my rear ´L´ plate snaps off. I have brought 3 so far and they have all gone the same way, so I have decided to save my money and put it towards the maintenance of my bike!! I have booted my back indicators off AGAIN so I have got some really small ones now, I could boot these ones off even if I tried. But dont hold me to that!!-------------------- (UP-DATE March 04: Just got my new performance exhaust strictly off road use of cause!! ye what ever!! And for and GSM riders out there, for christ sake don’t power wash the GSM´s engine casing!! It will cost you a cool £170 to buy a new generator for it! The water gets inside the side case and kills the electronics behind the flywheel!! I have found this out the hard way. Learn from my mistakes!! Many thanks to Bob Wright for supping me with the parts! If any Gilera riders(especially GSM riders because i now how hard it is to find part for it) wont Bob’s number just e-mail me at [email protected]!) (UP-DATE Later on in March 04: I have done it!!! I have got 70mph out of my bike the rev counter was reading about 2,000rpm the second time round! And it was still slowly pulling and my dad had to race past me on his Yamaha XT500 to slow me down because there was a 60mph speed camera coming up!! It’s the first time I have had to slow down for a 60mph camera and it rocks!!!!) the Dyno sheet is for when i put the big bore kit on and that was it. It shows before and after I had it dyno jetted. Whot you think of my new plate!! Its 6x4 small!!! Well this time has come again and she is gone!!:-(

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