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Member: spokexx
Name: spokexx
From: United States
Member Info: I got my first bike when i was around 11 years old in 82. It was a 1975 Honda Z50a. I was lucky enough to get my parents to let me have that bike, but that was it until I became older. I got back into riding around summer 06 with that XT200 and a real mc license. I ride everything on every surface but I think woods riding is my favorite. And I only love old bikes, i guess im making up for lost years. .....uhmmmm i guess that 06 Vstrom I got breaks my rules.
1983 Yamaha XT 200

Photos: 3
Info: i dont own this bike anymore but i miss it.
1980 Yamaha IT 175

Photos: 3
Info: I rebuilt the top end and added new plastic all around. This bike rips!!! Ive added a stock headlight, looks real now. ... But i dont own this bike anymore.
1980 Honda CB 750

Photos: 1
Info: bought it for $700 and put about $800 into restoring it. I do not own this bike anymore.
1983 Yamaha XT 550

Photos: 3
Info: my beloved 1983 XT550. I restored it, put in a Web Cam camshaft, rejetted the carbs, rebuilt the forks. I dont own this bike anymore.
1981 Suzuki GS 650

Photos: 1
Info: My sport touring machine. Very smooth ride on this bike and it handles surprisingly good. The bike can make it through the twisties quite well and cruise with no discomfort. I do not own this bike anymore.
1986 Honda VF 500 (Interceptor)

Photos: 1
Info: I absolutely love riding this bike. It makes about 70hp but it weighs only 420 lbs so its very quick and handles great on twisty back roads. The sound from the little V4 is unique. I bought this with only 7200 miles on it and it now has 13,000. Ive put in a Dynojet kit, Uni air filter, and modified the stock exhaust slightly. I will own this bike forever.
1989 Yamaha XT 350

Photos: 2
Info: What can I say. This is my do it all dirtbike. Because it''s an 89, it qualifies for classic mx racing. And it runs great all the time. I use it for trail riding and dual sports. This bike never lets me down. But I sold it, I do not own this bike anymore.
2006 Suzuki DL 1000

Photos: 1
Info: This is my do it all street bike. I bought it and went out and got all Givi hard cases for it. Super comfy and super powerful. This is the one to take me across the country and back.
2004 Yamaha WR 450F

Photos: 1
Info: My latest dirt bike.... and it''s street legal!!!

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