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Name: sportbik
From: Brazil
1996 Kawasaki Ex500

Photos: 9
1995 Yamaha FZR 1000

Photos: 26
Purchased: Apr 2007
Sold: Feb 2009
Info: The most beautiful bike I had. Besides being a very rare Yamaha here in Brazil is very strong and stable. An excellent bike, I loved that bike and even cried at having to sell it.
1995 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Photos: 10
Purchased: Oct 2005
Sold: Jun 2006
Info: One of the most beautiful bikes and I had no doubt the most powerful. I love bikes in bright colors and flashy, especially sports like that.
1998 Suzuki TL1000s

Photos: 12
Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Mar 2007
Info: The best sports bike that I had with regard to stability. I managed to make turns with this bike unimaginable to me that I am an ordinary person and not a pilot. I debuted the slider of my leather suit with this bike.
2000 Honda CB 500

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2006
Sold: Aug 2006
Info: Just have a good engine and very expensive.
1991 Yamaha RD 350

Photos: 5
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: Oct 2005
Info: The best value for a low cylinder sports bike. That was the best I had RD350, it was simply impeccable.
1994 Yamaha FZR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 2005
Sold: Oct 2005
Info: This bike was used in burnout presentations. I had to work hard to leave it in good condition for use. Still, it was a good bike.
1991 Yamaha DT 180

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 1994
Sold: Mar 1997
Info: My first motorcycle! I was 18 years old in this picture.
1991 Yamaha RD350LC

Photos: 14
Purchased: May 1998
Sold: Aug 1998
Info: This was my second bike. The first time I suffered a burn on her leg, was this bike.
1993 Yamaha FZR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Aug 1998
Sold: Apr 1999
Info: Without a doubt the best 600 cc bike I had. Lightweight and very strong for a 600 cc bike.
1998 Yamaha Rd 135

Photos: 9
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: Sep 2009
Info: I have never seen a DR 135 under the conditions of this. Simply flawless.
1991 Yamaha TDR 125

Photos: 26
Purchased: Jul 2007
Sold: Nov 2010
Info: This bike was completely revised. I worked on this project for years, and only sold the bike because I needed the money. This bike was very special to me, I even affectionately nicknamed her "Centipede".
2008 Yamaha YS 250 Fazer

Photos: 14
Purchased: Sep 2009
Sold: Mar 2010
Info: This bike is very comfortable and looks very attractive. And because it is a naked bike, the comments end up here.
1999 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 9
Purchased: Feb 2010
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: I do not like naked bikes. I just have this and others like the CB500 and CB600 as a matter of time. The naked bikes do not offer any protection to the pilot, which does not attract me one bit. Still I prefer that instead of CB600!
1989 Yamaha RD350LC

Photos: 38
Purchased: Jul 2007
Sold: Mar 2011
Info: I do not know where I stood with my head to buy it ... Yet I managed to sell.
1988 Yamaha Rd 135

Photos: 10
Purchased: Dec 2009
Sold: Jan 2011
Info: I have never walked in any other motorcycle in this capacity that reached 170km / h. Logically, this only happened after the preparation of my friend Serrano. The company''s preparations Serrano Racing.
1987 Yamaha RD350LC

Photos: 33
Purchased: Feb 2010
Sold: Oct 2010
Info: I shift my "Bandit 99" for this bike. But this bike was a different litter than the seller told me. I had to redo the whole bike to sell it a lower price than I paid in exchange. I intend never to negotiate with that person.
1988 Yamaha RD350LC

Photos: 21
Purchased: May 2010
Sold: Jul 2011
Info: Simply unbelievable, a bike that stood more than 10 years. And yet he was in good condition.
1991 Agrale Elefantré 30.0

Photos: 28
Purchased: Dec 2008
Sold: Feb 2013
Info: A great choice for those looking for a trail bike at low cost, and consumption. Besides being much more powerful than almost all its competitors at the time and even today. With a very good cyclist and very comfortable, an excellent bike. Too bad the brand have been extinguished.
2011 Zongshen ZS 150 GY

Photos: 10
Purchased: Jan 2011
Sold: Aug 2014
Info: An excellent bike. It has a very good stability, is lightweight and has a very affordable price. But should only be used in the city. For the road will not do.
2011 Kasinski Comet Gtr 250

Photos: 12
Purchased: Jul 2011
Sold: Aug 2014
Info: Without a doubt the best bike that I had to 250 cc. With an excellent performance. With a rather aggressive-looking and very economically, both with respect to consumption, as in the purchase.
1986 Piaggio PX200

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 1994
Sold: Jul 1995
1997 Yamaha XT 225

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2004
Sold: Jun 2006
2006 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2007
Sold: May 2007
2001 Honda NX 4 Falcon

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2004
Sold: May 2004
1993 Yamaha Rdz

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Jun 2006
2008 Suzuki YES EN 125

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Apr 2007
1993 Yamaha Fzr 1000 Exup

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Jun 2004
1997 Yamaha DT200R

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 1999
Sold: Aug 1999

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