sqrrl129's 2002 Honda CBR 600
Info: This is one of the first wheelies that I had ever done on my new CBR 600 F4i.  It was just a first gear one too!!  TOUCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Info: Ahh... The first day she got to see the road.  Bone stock!!!!!!!! 
   That's not her oil stain either, it's my Jeep's!
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Info: Me, right before wheelie session 101!!
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Info: My wife wanting me the f@$k outta' the way!
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Info: One of the first time's that my wife ever rode it.  It's a wonder I could hold the camera steady enough to get the shot!I was shakin' so bad!! But she has done great.  She now has MC on her license.  ...
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Info: This is my little darling.  Can't you tell by the look in her eye's that she's gonna' be a Speed Demon when she gets older???.... I CAN!
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Info: Just check out that ASS!!!
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Info: I don't have too many people to take a picture of me on it, so here she is again.
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