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Member: squatter01fz1
Name: Tony
From: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 51 years old
Riding For: 40 years
Member Info: Life moves on, children in the home, all the bikes are gone, WHAT!!!! ive got collaterall value in my home, wooohooo a new bike has arrived
2007 Honda XL 650V Transalp

Photos: 1
1986 BMW K 100 RS

Photos: 1
Info: Old faithfull, 200,000kms young and still going strong, still looks great (after a respray of course)
2001 Yamaha FZ 1

Photos: 5
Purchased: Sep 2004
Info: At this point in time this would have to be the BEST bike on the road for my riding,Tour, scratching and it looks UNREAL!!! I love it. recomend a K&N filter, also have a 1998 R1 pipe on it (1.5cm bigger diameter than stock) and it works better than a Yoshi!
1986 Ducati MHR 1000

Photos: 1
Info: Babysitting the bike for a friend for SEVEN years now, half my luck, actually came second in the Ducati concourse some years back mmmmm
1999 Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird

Photos: 4
Sold: Nov 2003
Info: A great bike, though the riding position wasn´t exactly me, to sporty for a tourer and too upright and heavy for a sports bike, but boy do they go. Left it standard, just did it up to mint condition, luuveeerrrly
1994 Honda CB 400

Photos: 1
Info: CB-1 project (little) Big one. Probably one of the best bikes ive owned for the fun factor. On the track (a tight small track) with a gsxr1000, a 916Ducati, and a 748 Ducati, i came third, not bad for $1700 dollars eh!,all good fun.
1991 Suzuki GSX 1100G

Photos: 1
Sold: Aug 2000
Info: A perfect touring bike for here in Oz, (or anywhere with big miles i guess) 140000kms on this baby, only had to replace drive gear in the wheel, and a swingarm? all the welds cracked apart and Suzuki said tough:( very heavy though, 1000km days - no worries, fitted it up with Givi system.
1983 Suzuki GS 1100

Photos: 3
Info: Ha! i reckon i must have set a sort of mileage record on this bike, bought it in 1985 with 32000kms. sold it 1993 with 284000kms,What a ripper of a bike it was for me, took me over the entire east coast of oz,many time s over, from Melbourne to Cooktown in FNQ, Did it up with a REAL nice paintjob too, photos on their way.
1981 Honda CB 900

Photos: 1
Info: Bought it with 1800kms, rode it, crashed it, (it was my first large road bike) fixed it up again, i cant remember the kays i did on it, its too long ago , but i did love it (sold it to buy the cbx1000)
2001 Suzuki GSX 1400

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2005
Info: What can I say about the grunt master of useablity, really enjoy the bike for its comfort and ease of handling, hate the tyre wear, 4500kms out of a set. ride it pretty hard i guess. may i amend this by saying that Metzeler Z6 roadtech tyres increased mileage to well over 8000km
2002 Yamaha FZ 1

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: May 2005
Info: My second one, gotta love em, im looking forward to the 2006 models
1983 BMW K 100

Photos: 8
Purchased: Aug 2006
Info: what a ripper, totally original unmarked gem, a quirky bike but i actually love it, I do like the big nakeds and this one was before they became popular again,
1995 Honda CB-1 400

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2006
Info: yep bought another one, literally a big bike in little bikes clothing ?, really smoooothe to ride, fantastic fun
1980 Ducati 900 SS

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jul 2007
Info: there is a god !!!!! this a departure from my normal mounts, but god i love it, handles like its on rails, this must have blown people away when it came out, and that sound....Actually a SSD DARMAH but couldnt find the model
1983 Honda CBX 1000

Photos: 1
Info: The pro-link model, big mutha in its day, still is, a real classic that are now worth more than they cost new, especialy the 1978 naked versions
2008 Kawasaki Z 750

Photos: 7
Info: How lucky are we! bikes as good as this for very little money, very happy with the bike, only letdown is the rear spring being too soft (easily fixed) love the sound of the standard pipe.
2005 Honda CB1300

Photos: 5
Purchased: Apr 2010
Info: mmm what a lovely machine, quiet, comfortable, very smooth and grunty, luggage, room for my partner, ????????? ARGGGHHHHH I think im getting old.!!!I think I got old:( bugger. At least i''m not riding a BMW, what , oh I already owned two,, double bugger.

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