squirts's 1980 Honda Goldwing
Info: 1980 GL1100 Rat Bobber. Diff'rent strokes fer diff'rent folks, but it's ALL tha' same wind! =)
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Info: '80 wing; 19" apes; jockey shift; 2 barrel Holley on home made intake; road sign made into seat pan; tractor headlights' 70s Yammy enduro tail light; Harley fishtails... FUBAR baby! =)
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Info: If'n you REALLY wanna' mess with peoples' minds take your run of tha' mill Goldwing, bob it, fit a 2bbl Holley to it and bolt some TRIUMPH derby covers to tha' valve covers... NEVER fails to freak fol...
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Info: Out 'n about on tha' bobber...
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