squirts's 1981 Honda Goldwing
Info: Rode this old wing back in tha' 80's & early 90's... Funky side panels are actually aluminum fuel cells which added another 1.75 gals of fuel. I actually got 275,000 miles outta' this bike without a r...
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Info: Too many of years of volunteering for experimental drug research down at Osco and too many hours of cleaning out the stalls at the local nuclear power station have resulted in the development of the w...
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Info: Heard a banging on the way to the local swapmeet a few years back... Stopped and realized that the entire brake light assembly and fender had rusted off and was hanging by the wires! I figured "w...
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Info: Side shot of my old girl shows one of the two saddle-mount fuel cells strapped to the sides. I don't know who made the fuel tanks, but they're definitely "trick"... All aluminum construction...
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